Why is Presssure Balance Important in Shower Mixers?

14 July 2015

When it comes to shower mixers, most people assume that the extremely innovative technology, that has revolutionised the way people enjoy their bathing experience, does not come with at least some drawbacks or pitfalls. While many shower mixers are indeed nearly fool-proof and provide one of the best hassle-free showering experiences you can get, there is still the issue of water-pressure balance that tends to be overlooked. Is water pressure important? Yes, it is.

Why does Water Pressure Matter?

Water pressure balance may not seem like a big thing to most people, and it might even be something that most people wouldn’t even be interested about, but it spells the difference between a comfortable shower and an extremely uncomfortable one.

If you’ve ever tried washing your hands underneath a faucet with a jetting torrent of running water and felt that it was kind of ‘hard’, then you’ll know why water pressure is a necessity for overall comfort of shower mixers. So, how is pressure balance maintained or controlled?

Pressure Balance Maintenance for Shower Mixers

With respect to old-fashioned shower installations, whatever water pressure your own plumbing comes with would invariably be the water pressure your shower will have as well. This made for a somewhat unpredictable showering experience. Thankfully, with modern shower heads, water pressure can be controlled and regulated through the simple installation of a mixer apparatus such as a mixermate tap. These ensure that you get consistent water pressure in your home.

A mixermate tap is also readily adjustable, with just a finger; you have full control over the ‘softness’ or ‘hardness’ of your showering experience. If you’re after a strong, brisk shower, a quick adjustment provides you with exactly what you need. This kind of water control guarantees that your home’s showers have the consistent amount of water pressure you want every time.

Showering is more than a means to get clean; it is an experience that can be pleasant, and relaxing, or invigorating and intense. And, that is why pressure balance is important in shower mixers. Instead of having to juggle between the hot and cold water taps to get the desired water temperature you want, mixermate’s shower mixers are designed with one lever that can effortlessly balance the hot and cold water to produce the temperature you want, using just a finger. This is a feature that many people could benefit from.

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