Exposed Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Showers


The Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower Mixers are ideal for people who are sensitive to fluctuations in water temperature and/or are at risk of burns due to tampering with the taps. The temperature selector handle will not go over 38 deg C unless you manually override the safety lock and the maximum temperature it will go to is 50 deg C. If required the temperature safety lock can be set higher than the 38 deg C by a licenced Plumber. (for example 40 deg C) During a shower the Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower Mixer automatically adjusts the water pressure and temperature to stay within +/- 2 deg C of what has been selected. If the water supply is interrupted, the mixer will automatically shutdown to avoid scalding. These valves are installed in bathroom modifications recommended by Occupational Therapists, Architects and the like in the care industry. They are of the highest quality made in Sweden.


The Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower is installed without removing tiles or altering the plumbing, it simply replaces the existing shower taps. The old taps can be put back at any time. (ideal for rented properties) Please note that we do also supply “In-Wall” thermostatic mixers for new full bathroom modifications.

Important things to know for installation:

The Mattsson Thermostatic Shower is suitable for mains pressure water systems or pump systems over 100 KPA only. Sorry no gravity fed systems.

The hot water supply to the shower has to be at least 50 deg C for the thermostat in the Mattsson Thermostatic Shower to work correctly.

If a Tempering or Thermostatic Mixing Valve is fitted and set below 50 deg C (meaning the Mattsson Thermostatic Shower won’t work) then you can do one of two things; 1. Run a separate line to the shower directly from the hot water unit, or 2. Seek approval to set the Tempering or Thermostatic Mixing Valve to 50 deg C. This is done in cases either where the Patient is unable to use the other fixtures by themselves or the showering is the main concern.

The valve has to be checked annually by taking a flow and temperature readings. The thermostatic element should be replaced every 5 years to maintain safe operation.

5 Main Benefits:

  • Very safe and easy to use
  • Self regulates the temperature +/- 2 deg C
  • Anti-scald safety
  • Mounts outside the wall without removing tiles or altering the plumbing
  • Cost-effective

Case study:

A Child with Cerebral Palsy in Melbourne was very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature during showering, it caused the Child major distress. In addition the home Nurse also found it difficult to set a nice water temperature and guessed it by running the shower over her hand which was not satisfactory as the Child was unable to verbalise the ideal setting. An Occupational Therapist recommended that a Thermostatic Shower be installed to overcome these issues. We were engaged to install the new Thermostatic Shower Mixer and the outcome has been a great success. Now the home Nurse simply sets the thermostat at 38deg C and turns the shower on. The thermostat automatically self-adjusts keeping the shower at a constant temperature providing the Child with a pleasant showering experience.