Why Do You Need Mixer Taps for Your Laundry Area?

23 April 2020

Whenever we do our laundry, we would normally use washing machines and other tools and methods just to wash our clothes properly. Even if we just wash our clothes once every week, the amount of water that is consumed during this period will be normally high. As a matter of fact, doing laundry work is one of the costly tasks in households since it uses a huge amount of water.

If you want to reduce water consumption, you must consider numerous factors that revolve around laundry sessions. Among these factors include the type and condition of our washing machines, load sizes and cycles, and detergents. Another main factor that you must consider in saving water is your tap. Installing the correct tap in your laundry area will not only help you save water but will also help you gain additional safety features. One tap that you can install is mixer taps since they can give you a lot of benefits.

Temperature Options

Mixer taps have the components that swiftly combine the access of both your hot and cold water. They are designed to deliver water with consistent flow and sustained temperature all the time. If you need access to hot water for your laundry, then your mixer tap can readily supply it to you. Alternatively, if you fancy cold water for your clothes and other things, then just position the lever of the mixer tap to the other side. With mixer taps, your access to hot and cold water can be endless.

Control over Water Usage

Traditional taps only utilise the water that comes directly from the water source. So, if the water from your source is cold, then you will receive cold water as well. And if you need hot water, you must heat the water first for a few minutes before you can start your laundry activity, which can be a waste of time and water. Luckily, a mixer tap can help you control the consumption of your water supply. With mixer taps, you can easily access your preferred water temperature without wasting water.

Health Safety Measures

When you do your laundry, it is still important for you to be free from harm and injuries. You must also be safe from bacteria and germs to maintain a healthy body. Fortunately, mixer taps keep you away from scalding due to unexpected water fluctuations. Mixer taps also help you offset and counteract the dangers of contracting Legionella or other bacterial growth, especially if you regularly use hot water in your laundry and other types of activities.

Enhanced Convenience

Mixer taps are getting popular across the world because of their convenience. The tap handle of a mixer tap already possesses all functionalities that you will need in doing laundry activities. You can operate and dial the water temperature of your tap by just moving the tap handle in a specific direction. Opening and closing your water supply can also be done quickly with these taps. Mixer taps will certainly not bombard you with any frustrating problems on your water access.

Installing mixer taps on your laundry area will make your life easier, safer, and more convenient. If you want to have them, just give us a call at Mixermate Australia. In around 1 hour, we can turn your hot and cold tap into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap for your convenience.

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