Why Adding Thermostatic Mixers Can Make Your Home Energy-Efficient?

10 May 2021

Homeowners often want the best for their families, which is why they would normally plan the design of their properties according to their preferences. Additionally, they would ensure that the spaces inside their properties will not only look good but are also functional to fully maximise everything.

But aside from looks and functionality, homeowners also want to make their properties energy-efficient. Given the rising cost of non-renewable energy, homeowners and their families want to ensure that most elements of their properties can conserve power. From the overall layout to the included fittings and appliances, they often design their properties with energy savings in mind.

One type of fitting that can make properties energy-efficient is the thermostatic mixer. Thermostatic mixers are often utilised in bathrooms to produce water at the desired temperature. Their overall composition and features allow them to effectively save energy, time, and money.

The Working Principles of Thermostatic Mixers

Thermostatic mixers, as previously mentioned, are normally used in bathrooms to produce water at the preferred temperature. Normally, these fittings work by combining hot and cold water so that the water will not cause any scalding or shivering to the ones who are using them.

The functionality of thermostatic mixers is possible since they typically utilise a piston and a return spring inside that can both guarantee consistent water flow and temperature throughout their operations. As for the outside, the thermostatic mixers are often controlled by knobs, a lever, or any other convenient access points. The presence of these elements allows the mixers to be controlled by anyone, most specifically when it comes to the water temperature and overall flow.

Features and Benefits of Thermostatic Mixers

Now, adding thermostatic mixers will not only grant you consistent water flow and temperature, but they can also give you an energy-efficient home. Since they can easily provide water based on your preferred temperature, the need for external devices for heating will be eliminated. And without these heating devices, the amount of energy that will be consumed can be cut significantly.

Another great thing about thermostatic mixers is that they can save a lot of time. The very existence of thermostatic mixers on your property allows you to take a shower or a quick bath without any delays. You do not have to wait for the water to achieve your preferred temperature as thermostatic mixers can already provide it right away. The water itself is also saved with thermostatic mixers since they do not have to waste some water just to achieve the desired water temperature and flow.

Ultimately, thermostatic mixers are safe to use since they have mechanisms that can immediately stop the water output if its temperature exceeds the maximum pre-set limit. Their knobs, lever, or other access points likewise enhance the safety of thermostatic mixers as they can be easily opened and closed by anyone, which include children, the elderly, and those who have physical disabilities.

Purchase and Install Thermostatic Mixers Today

If you want to make your home energy-efficient with thermostatic mixers, just contact us at Mixermate Australia today. We can turn any hot and cold tap into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap and can be installed in around 1 hour.


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