Thermostatic Taps and Showers and Its Essential Effects for Disinfection

08 April 2020

There are some instances in our life where we would complain about the temperature and flow of water from our taps and shower. Occasionally, the water tends to be too hot or too cold for our liking, which can even be dangerous for some people. Another inconvenience of traditional taps and showers is that they cannot readily provide us warm water, especially if it will be used for removing germs and bacteria.

One great solution for these problems is the use of thermostatic taps and showers. They are intended to provide precise control over the temperature and flow of your water. Moreover, they have an anti-scald safety feature that can protect people from getting burns. They can also be set to release hot water that is suitable for disinfection.

How do thermostatic taps and showers work?

Thermostatic taps and showers are equipped with essential components that help regulate the temperature and flow of the water. The thermostatic element, which is found within the valve, can increase or reduce in size depending on the water temperature. It can immediately cut off the water supply if there are any failures in water temperature conversion.

If the water is too hot, the piston component will then reduce the amount of hot water and increase the amount of cold water to make the overall water temperature constant. Return spring is the total opposite of the piston, as it can increase the amount of hot water and reduce the amount of cold water whenever the water temperature is too cold.

The temperature control can be found alongside the external casing. This component allows you to set the water temperature of your tap or shower.

Why are thermostatic taps and showers great for disinfection?

The installation of thermostatic taps and showers not only helps you obtain your preferred water temperature and flow, but it can also maintain the utmost hygiene in different parts of your home. Since thermostatic taps and showers constantly process the temperature of your water, most bacteria and germs that are found on the water will be effectively eradicated and removed. Once bacteria and germs are removed, you can be safe from any illnesses and diseases at least in your home.

Bacteria can grow easily in warm water between 20 to 40 degrees Celsius. From time to time, the water being processed on thermostatics taps and showers can reach below 20 degrees Celsius and above 40 degrees Celsius, removing the ability of harmful elements to survive. At the same time, the water being released from these taps and showers can also remove the germs and bacteria from our skin, dishes, clothes, and other possible surfaces. Just pair the water from your thermostatic shower and taps with cleaning agents, and you are guaranteed to remove any potential hosts for bacteria.

The presence of thermostatic taps and showers can bring you effective disinfection in your household. Aside from not getting any burns, your home will be assured with an environment that is free from illnesses and diseases. To purchase your own thermostatic taps and showers, you can call us now at Mixermate.

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