Thermostatic Showers: Ideal for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

27 February 2019

If you work in a medical environment such as a hospital or nursing home, you know how important it is to maintain the safety and comfort of your charges. Whether you are working with children or seniors that require assisted living, you need to be able to provide them with the safety that they deserve. One of the most dangerous rooms in the facility for people young and old is that of the bathroom. Specifically, the shower can be a dangerous area where accidents can and do happen. One of the most problematic aspects of showering in a nursing home or hospital is the fact that temperature changes can cause harm. Fortunately, there is a solution available for you.

Thermostatic Showers: Perfect For Hospitals & Nursing Homes

A conventional shower requires you to dial in an exact temperature by turning the tap handles. This method of showering is common throughout the world and traditionally not much of an issue. However, old and young people alike can be seriously injured by water that isn’t carefully controlled or regulated. This is where thermostatic showers come into the equation. Thermostatic showers are ideal for nursing homes and hospitals because they provide the following benefits.

1) Temperature Control – With a thermostatic shower installed, you’ll be able to control the temperature of the water to a specific degree. What does this mean? You won’t have to dial in the temperature. The water will be preheated to the temperature that you set.

2) Safe Water Usage – When you can pre-set the temperature of your water, you can prevent most of the potential dangers that are part and parcel with the shower environment. You’ll be able to eliminate the threat of scalding injuries as well as shock and surprise due to sudden blasts of cold water. This is incredibly important when you are dealing with people in a hospital or nursing environment.

3) Lower Utility Bills – Finally, a thermostatic shower is ideal when it comes to keeping your utility costs down. When you have an entire facility filled with people who will regularly be using the shower that usage tends to add up. Thermostatic showers have a preset water temperature which means that you don’t have to waste energy waiting for the water to reach the perfect temperature level.

Thermostatic showers are incredibly easy to install and that means that you can be reaping their benefits as soon as you take one back to your hospital or nursing facility. Don’t put the safety of your patients on the line, let the thermostatic shower take care of business for you.

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