Thermostatic Mixer Taps Gives More Benefits Than You Can Ever Think Of

31 May 2016

When designing a bathroom or kitchen, concerns about regulating the water temperature is usually the last thing on one’s mind. Instead, most homeowners concentrate on the aesthetics, such as how the tiles would look with the sink, or the kind of shower taps to choose that will compliment everything in the bathroom.

It isn’t long after a bathroom renovation job that folks realise the importance of effectively regulating the water temperature in their showers, it can become a big issue, especially when children and elderly are concerned because they may find it difficult to change the water temperature quickly, if needed. It happens, unexpected cold water and hot water can spray out of the shower-head and catch people off guard.

In the shower there is no space to quickly escape potentially scalding hot water spraying out from the shower-head, and taking the time to juggle between the hot and cold knobs, while being sprayed with either ice cold or scalding hot water, will seem like a very long time. This is when thermostatic mixer taps come in to save the day.

The Safety Benefits of Thermostatic Mixer Taps

Often children or guests that want to use the sink or shower do not know which is the hot and cold knobs of the mixer taps they are using, and they could end up using too much cold or hot water, so care is needed to eliminate any potential risks to the skin from unexpectedly scalding the skin. Fortunately, a thermostatic mixer tap allows you to set a safe water temperature, and when water temperature rises above the level you set, then the thermostat function will cut off the water supply immediately.

Such a plumbing device can easily be installed in all your taps and showers, for the safety and convenience of everyone in the house.

Easy Installation – No Construction Required

Most property owners fear plumbers because they believe that every plumbing job requires some construction work, such as removing tiles and digging into walls to reach the plumbing. That is not the case when installing Mixermate – the easy-to-use, anti-scalding tapware.

Thermostatic mixer taps are truly ideal for use in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages and all types of care facilities, and the best thing about installing these is that there is no drilling into the walls, changing washers, or even removing any tiles. And, it is much easier to use than older tapware because it only has one lever that controls water flow, instead of two.

Australian made, Mixermate is the perfect thermostat brand that you seek for your home because it gives more benefits than you can ever think of, until you use it for yourself.

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