Thermostatic Mixer Taps: A Must-Have for Hospital Hygiene

30 January 2024

Thermostatic mixer taps provide temperature-controlled water to improve hand hygiene in hospitals. Explore Mixermate’s range of taps. Call (03) 9583 0965.

Hospital-acquired infections pose a major risk to patients and can lead to serious complications or even death. Proper hand hygiene among healthcare staff is crucial to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Installing thermostatic mixer taps in hospital washrooms and wards is an effective way to encourage hand washing and improve overall hygiene.

What are Thermostatic Mixer Taps?

Thermostatic mixer taps are a type of tap that blends hot and cold water to deliver water at a constant, safe temperature. They contain a thermostatic valve that maintains the water temperature even when the water pressure fluctuates. The valve mixes the hot and cold water streams to produce water at the pre-set temperature. Users can adjust the temperature as desired, but the thermostatic mechanism will continue providing water at that set point regardless of pressure changes in either water line.

The key benefit is the tap delivers water at a stable temperature, preventing scalding from very hot water while also eliminating the need to waste water waiting for it to heat up or cool down to a comfortable washing temperature. Thermostatic taps start flowing at the optimal temperature right away. This makes them safer, more efficient, and convenient than conventional taps.

Why Hospitals Need Thermostatic Taps

Proper hand hygiene among healthcare staff is crucial for preventing the spread of harmful germs and reducing hospital-acquired infections. Installing thermostatic taps can greatly improve hand-washing compliance and overall hygiene in hospital environments. Below are some of the reasons why hospitals need thermostatic taps:

•  Prevent Scalding Accidents – Thermostatic taps provide water at a consistent, pre-set temperature to prevent extremely hot water from scalding patients, especially vulnerable populations like children and the elderly.

•  Improve Infection Control – The fixed optimal water temperature from thermostatic taps kills more germs during hand washing to stop the spread of harmful bacteria in the hospital.

•  Promote Hand Hygiene – The easy-to-use taps with comfortable water temperature encourage more frequent and thorough hand washing among busy hospital staff.

•  Accessibility for All – Simple, durable thermostatic tap designs allow proper hand hygiene for all hospital staff and patients, including those with disabilities.

Choosing the Best Taps for Your Hospital

When selecting thermostatic taps, hospitals and healthcare facilities should consider Mixermate Australia for the widest range of options to suit any application. Mixermate offers an extensive selection of thermostatic mixer taps designed specifically for environments like hospital wards, clinics, aged care homes, disability care settings, and more. Our tap models are clinically proven to minimise infections and are widely used in major hospitals across Australia. With our affordable pricing, your facility can employ top hygiene taps at the best value. Investing in Mixermate’s thermostatic taps suited for heavy commercial use will provide superior infection control for patients and staff.

Reach out to us today to find the right thermostatic tap models for your hospital’s needs and budget. Don’t settle for basic taps – maximise infection control with our range of innovative commercial-grade mixer taps to keep your hospital sanitary.

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