The Importance of Having Accessible and Safe Mixermate Taps for the Elderly

05 November 2019

Before we even think of our old future self, we often take our strength for granted when doing normal daily routine such as preparing our clothes, fixing our bed, and washing our dishes. Unfortunately, our body exerts more energy and force to these tasks by the time our bodies grow older and weaker. We may also have to experience difficulties in reaching things or opening taps, since some of us may already feel excruciating pain in different parts of our body. This makes the lives of our elderly somewhat difficult. Even if they think that they can accomplish regular tasks the way they’ve done before, their body seems to not function according to their liking.

Is there any solution to this agonizing problem? With Mixermate taps, it is assured that your elderly can experience convenience and safety from using the taps again. These taps will guarantee multiple benefits to your loved ones.

Mixermate Taps for the Elderly

A mixer tap helps combine the hot and cold water output into one easy-to-use single lever tap. By tapping a specific direction of the lever, it can conveniently give you and your elderly the right temperature of the water that you want, preventing both of you from juggling between the hotness and coldness of the water. Additionally, a mixer tap can be opened and closed by using only one finger, a perfect solution to the aching turning of conventional taps to the elderly.

Mixermate taps provide a lot of benefits to households with elderly. Let us highlight some of them below.

Simple Convenience – As mentioned, Mixermate taps can be used easily by any members of the household as the design of them are straightforward. Taps that are single-lever mixer can help you and your elderly adjust the water temperatures in real-time. Sink-related activities such as washing your hands and dishes will take a shorter time than ever before.

Safety and Security – With Mixermate taps, a single twist of your wrist can already open and control their temperature. This can help your household avoid unfortunate accidents since some people tend to get shocked by the coldness and hotness of water. For the elderly, this action can cause unwanted jumping out of showers and sinks that may result in potential injuries and even hospitalisation.

Save Money and Water – Mixermate taps use single-lever mixers to utilize both hot and cold water needs in one system. This saves your household from using two separate taps systems, omitting the need to pull twice as much water capacity for your home. This also saves you from paying high utility bills and wasting unused water.

For more information about our single-lever mixer taps, contact us at Mixermate taps. We offer affordable single-lever mixer taps that can help you and your elderly live a good and safe life. We provide products that are easy to use, convenient, and affordable.

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