The Difference Between Deck-Mounted and Wall-Mounted Kitchen Mixer Taps

28 April 2023

The kitchen sink’s mixer tap is one of your home’s most frequently utilised fixtures. A great idea to make your home more convenient for everyone while also boosting the design and decor of the area is to upgrade the mixer tap on your kitchen sink. Here, we’ll talk about deck-mounted and wall-mounted kitchen mixer taps and explain the benefits of each style as well as how simple it is to install and maintain each faucet type.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Mixer Taps

Space-saving wall-mounted kitchen mixer taps are ideal for small kitchen sinks.

  • Advantages – If you’re starting from scratch, you can assign plumbing for wall-mounted mixer taps in advance to make installation easier. After installing a wall-mounted mixer tap, you may have additional room on the countertop, which you may use for storage, accents, or to create a tidy appearance. Lastly, the unusual appearance of wall-mounted mixer taps can interest the kitchen’s d├ęcor.
  • Maintenance – Compared to deck-mounted mixer taps, wall-mounted mixer taps are easier to clean. The sink and countertop are very simple to clean because they are mounted on the wall. They won’t need to be wipe-cleaned as frequently as a deck-mounted tap because they are on the wall above the sink. Also, wall-mounted faucets won’t be contaminated by water that drips onto the counter, preventing the spread of germs.
  • Installation – Since deck-mounted mixer taps are considered when performing regular plumbing, mounting wall-mounted mixer taps are a little more difficult. Hence, additional plumbing work is required for a wall-mounted fixture. So, you will need to reroute the water supply pipes inside the wall to the location of the faucet. If you have the necessary expertise and experience, you can do the process yourself; otherwise, hiring a plumber with experience is advisable.

Deck-Mounted Kitchen Mixer Taps

Deck-mounted mixer taps come to mind when you think about kitchen faucets. This is because it is the norm on how to install taps in homes, restaurants, hotels, and schools.

  • Advantages – With this classic faucet design, you will have exceptional flexibility. Install the mixer tap of your choice, including high spouts, waterfalls, pull-out, pull-down, touchless, one-handle, and other handle styles. To complement your kitchen’s design, you may choose from various mixer tap options and finishes we have available.
  • Maintenance – Deck-mounted mixer taps are presumptively simple to maintain and clean. It may be partly accurate. The deck-mounted mixer tap can be cleaned daily with a wet cloth and mild cleanser to maintain brightness. Nevertheless, cleaning the area around the handles might be challenging because the faucet is mounted on the countertop. To prevent dirt and germs from accumulating, use a toothbrush to clean and remove them from hard-to-reach joints and crevices.
  • Installation – Deck-mounted taps are generally simple to install, and many vanities come with pre-drilled faucet holes, making them simple. By inserting the faucet stem through the holes in the deck and connecting the supply lines, it is simple to install a deck-mounted faucet because most water supply lines flow through the wall beneath the sink.

You can choose from a variety of high-quality mixer taps at Mixermate Australia. We have a kitchen mixer tap to fit any budget, practicality, and choice, ranging from exquisite and ornate to modern mixer taps with streamlined lines.

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