Reaching the Right Shower Water Temperature with Mixer Mate

03 March 2014

The mixer mate is equipped with a thermostatic control that is used to manage the temperature of the water within the shower system. There is a valve where you can adjust the entry of both cold and hot water in order for you to achieve your desired temperature while the shower is being used. The abrupt and startling water temperature alterations that happen when both outlets are switched will be eliminated through the use of mixer mate.

With a thermostatic shower mixer such as mixer mate, you can now very conveniently and efficiently safely handle your shower temperature so as to prevent the risks of abrupt temperature changes. The gadget has features that include consistent monitoring of the pressure for both the cold and hot water to detect alterations that may affect the temperature of the water. Any change in the pressure of bot cold and hot water may lead to fluctuations in the volumes and they can be adjusted so that constant hotness or coldness is maintained.

Although a thermostatic mixer shower may cost higher compared to the ordinary electric showers, the savings during are more than enough to compensate for the price difference. Because the volumes of water are kept constant, and heating costs become lower since the temperatures are adjusted and maintained as fast as necessary, the mixer mate is a smart investment. You may be surprised to learn that with mixer mate, the temperature of the water on the shower head never changes, and both energy and water are saved in the process.

However, the installation of your mixer shower should be performed by qualified plumber with the expertise. Because it is part of the plumbing, there may be some drilling and plasterwork required and that is why it is necessary to hire a plumbing professional to do the job. Today, mixer mate is readily available online. Just visit their website and place your order and you are good to go.

Showers that are manually operated need manual input and that is definitely slower, imprecise and entails trial and error before you can attain your desired setting. Manually operated showers can waste your time, water, and energy. If you have other adults and kids who frequently use the shower, having a shower feature that spontaneously adjusts the temperature to eliminate the risks from abrupt temperature changes can be quite an important feature that offers the safety together with cheaper operating costs.

Having to manually fine-tune your shower water temperature as you do your shower can be somewhat of a hassle and you can quickly eliminate the process with the installation of mixer mate. You would be able to enjoy your shower safely and contentedly minus the concern if you have enough hot or cold water. If you add those amazing adjustable rain shower heads to provide you with better water flow, you would definitely be able to create an enjoyable shower experience. The cost may be a little bit higher but the experience much better.

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