Mixermate Wall Bath Mixer: Ultimate Benefits for Body Relaxation

12 May 2020

Mixermate wall bath mixer boasts great features and functionality. When you install this type of bath mixer, you can expect to effectively control the water temperature and pressure in your home. This functionality alone can help you finish tasks easily and save money. This type of bath mixer can also provide you comfort and negate any potential problematic outcomes and issues.

The simple operations of a Mixermate wall bath mixer help you obtain your preferred water temperature without the risk of scalding your skin. Even your children or elderly can benefit out of this mixer. Ultimately, your access to both cold and hot water out of the Mixermate wall bath mixer helps you enjoy great benefits for body relaxation.

Benefits of Hot Bath

Mixermate wall bath mixer helps you access hot water without any waiting time. Therefore, you can easily take a hot bath and enjoy some of its body benefits.

One benefit of a hot bath is it relieves stiffness or soreness around your body, especially your shoulders and neck. You can gently roll your shoulders or rub your neck while taking a hot shower to mitigate pain. Any congested chests or stuffy noses can also be relieved while taking a hot bath. A hot shower helps in drying out any mucus, which can improve your overall respiratory system. So, if you have flu or a cough, then it is recommended for you to take hot baths instead of the cold ones.

Some people have difficulties in combating stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Fortunately, hot baths can significantly help fight these conditions. Hot showers can relax nerves and reduce tension in your muscles, helping your body to feel calm and fresh. They also help your body sleep well due to their relaxation effect. Just remember to take a hot bath an hour and a half before your bedtime as showering too close to your bedtime can raise your internal body temperature.

The pain from menstrual cramps and migraines can also be solved by hot baths. Since a hot bath can relax muscles and expand blood vessels, you are guaranteed some relief over your painful cramps and improper blood flow.

Benefits of Cold Bath

Not all people love to take hot to warm bath. In fact, some people would prefer to take a cold bath. Luckily, a Mixermate wall bath mixer has the option to release cold water.

Some relaxation effects of cold bath include improved circulation, reduction of stress, and increased energy. When the cold water hits your body, it causes your blood to move closer to the inner organs to keep them warm. This process helps in the effective circulation of blood in your body. Cold bath reduces stress by numbing your nervous system, which makes you calm and less likely to overreact to things and situations around you.

Taking a cold bath can also help you gain a sufficient amount of energy, especially if you take one in the morning. The cold jabs of water tend to surprise your body, leaving you gasping for air. When you gasp for air, your oxygen intake and heart rate increase, leading to a more energetic and alert state.

Another great thing about a cold bath is it can boost your immune system. Staying in a cold shower for a reasonable amount of time increases your metabolic rate, which results in the production of more white blood cells. The abundance of white blood cells on your body boosts your immune system, makes you less susceptible to disease, and helps your muscle tissues regenerate faster.

All these benefits can be achieved when you install a Mixermate wall bath mixer in your bathroom. If you want one, feel free to contact us at Mixermate Australia. We can turn your old hard-to-use taps into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap that is great for body relaxation.

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