Mixermate Thermostatic Showers and Taps are the First Choice of Architectural Designers

16 October 2018

Showers have become an integral part of every modern home – if not one of the main highlights and hallmarks. Back in the old days, showers were a luxury that only the most affluent could afford, or homes that had the most up-to-date indoor plumbing. Even today, most showers can be expensive, for a number of reasons.

Not only are they considered ‘wasteful’ when it comes to water consumption, but most showers also consume a lot of power, considering how much electric water heaters use to heat the water in large tanks. Thankfully, more modern showers no longer waste so much water, or consume that much power to heat water at optimum efficiency.

Mixermate thermostatic showers and taps are a good example of this perfect combination of efficiency, elegance, and ergonomic functionality. This is one of the reasons why they are now the first choice for many architectural designers.

Designed with the intention of being the most reliable shower tap in the market today, Mixermate thermostatic showers provide a broad range of advantages, which makes them an appealing choice for architectural designers. The advantages include the following:

• Fully-automated, precision heating – if you have ever been scalded in the shower by accident, you can be sure that with Mixermate thermostatic showers such an unpleasant experience will never happen again! That’s because they are equipped with a precise temperature control system that eliminates the risk of scalding. You can also preset the ideal temperature so you will have the perfect shower each and every time, without having to worry about the water becoming too hot or too cold.

• Water-saving technology – most conventional showers use up a lot of water to achieve the prefect water pressure for a truly satisfying shower. However, Mixermate employs a unique pressurization system that only uses minimal amounts of water, without sacrificing the force and feel of a powerful shower, which saves you money by using less water.

• Easy to install – Mixermate thermostatic showers are easy to install and won’t even require you to remove or replace your existing tile work. This makes it an ideal choice for architects and designers who want to leave room for later customizability in the bathroom area, without sacrificing practicality, functionality, or incurring extra expenses.

• Ergonomically designed handle and user-friendly controls – Mixermate thermostatic showers are designed to be 100% user-friendly. With easy-to-use controls, an automated heating system that heats the water to your exacting specifications, and an ergonomically designed handle that is perfect for people of all ages, it is ideal shower tap for all ages.

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