Mixermate for Laundry Areas: Why Temperature Matters

22 March 2019

There are many different ways that we can improve our homes. For most people, changing the way that they bring water to their laundry area will likely not even register. However, when you address your laundry room and the way that you use water for the area, you might be able to improve your home in a variety of beneficial ways. Today, we are going to be talking about how Mixermate can make an impact on your laundry, why temperature matters, and how your whole home can benefit from the change.

Mixermate Benefits for Laundry Areas

Have you ever received a water bill that had your eyes bulging? If you’ve been paying utilities for a long enough time, you’ve no doubt learned how expensive water can be. With that being said, most people don’t really address how they waste their water. A thermostatic system can be installed into your laundry area in order to provide many material benefits, including a reduction in your utility bills. How is this the case? Keep on reading in order to find out.

1) Instant Temperature Control – First and foremost, Mixermate Thermostatic Mixer Taps can provide you with the correct temperature of water right when you need it. Whether you are running a load of laundry or running the faucet in the laundry area, you’ll have the temperature that you want, when you want it. For anyone who has washed clothing before, having the perfect temperature is obviously incredibly important. If your temperature is wrong, colours might run and laundry might get ruined!

2) Reduce Water Waste
– Your laundry area is likely one of the biggest sources of water waste in your home. When your water heater has to spend time warming up water in order to prepare a load, you end up wasting energy and water at the same time. With a Mixermate system, you are dialled in and ready to go from the get-go. You will have the most efficient laundry room in the neighborhood.

3) Drop Utility Bills – It stands to reason that by eliminating water waste and reducing energy expenditure, you’ll be able to reduce your utility bills. Mixermate can go a long way toward helping a house get its utility bill under control. Consider adding a Mixermate system if you are concerned with how much you are paying for your water every month.

A Mixermate system is incredibly easy to install, affordable to purchase, and a breeze to use. Mixermate systems can make a direct impact on your home and your quality of life. Call Mixermate Australia if you are ready to improve your home.

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