Make Mixermate Taps a Part of Your Next Home Renovation Project

24 August 2022

It might be difficult to begin a home renovation, especially if you’ve never done one before. Your redesign will contain so many specifics, regardless of the job, that it may get overwhelming.

To decide how to order, prioritize, and create a thorough home project plan that can help lower your stress level while keeping you on budget and on schedule, use these steps and suggestions for planning a home remodel. Including Mixer-Mate taps as part of your next home renovation project can also provide you with many benefits.

Create a Detailed Project Plan for Your Home Renovations

Creating a plan that outlines the work that needs to be done, contains design inspiration, and specifies the purpose of your restoration is the first step in any remodelling project. Investigate local zoning laws and permit requirements at this stage of the planning process for your home renovation. Check if your neighbourhood is zoned for your remodel and if a permit is required. You will probably require a permit if you are working on a project that will alter how your house is built or how a particular room is used. Wait to submit permit applications until you’ve assembled a team and created a project schedule.

Establish Your Project Budget

Establishing a budget and finance is the next step in renovating a property. Include the price of construction permits, building supplies, labour, and any additional decorations or finishing touches in your budget. Use the home improvement project plan from step one to eliminate project components that are lower priorities if your cost estimates are higher than your budget allows. Get price quotes from many contractors to determine which choice will fit your budget the best.

Hire Reputable Contractor

You must hire a reputable contractor next to complete your home renovation project. Don’t base your contractor selection solely on pricing estimates. Consider their experience, contracting license, insurance, references, and payment schedule when interviewing and choosing your contractors. To prevent misunderstanding or delays later, identify who is in control up front if you are hiring several contractors for a job.

Ensure to Avail Your Tapware from Mixer-Mate

If you plan to replace your in-wall mixer during your home renovation, make sure to avail yourself of all your tapware needs from Mixer-Mate. With us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Water Saving – A mixer in your shower can help you conserve water because the temperature can be controlled, and no water is lost in getting the shower to the proper degree. The Mixer-Mate shower heads are AAA rated at 9 L/m.
  • Easy Renovation – The cost of a Mixer-Mate in your shower is far lower than an in-wall mixer, offering you a lever shower mixer to manage your hot and cold water.
  • Age-Disability Aide – Our system makes it simple for people who are old, infirm, or have arthritis to manage the water easily.
  • Versatility – The cover, which comes in white or almond-ivory to match most bathrooms, doubles as a shelf for your soaps, shampoos, and other bathroom essentials. For an additional fee, a square stainless steel variant is also offered.

At Mixermate Australia, we provide different home renovation supplies with your convenience and affordability in mind in addition to installing mixer taps. Email us at if you need help with home renovations, and we’ll be happy to help.

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