Keep the Elderly Safe from Scalding Injuries through Thermostatic Shower Tap

25 October 2021

Care facilities, retirement villages, and private homes will never be complete without the integration of high-quality bathrooms. Bathrooms, after all, can maintain good personal hygiene of people who are residing or staying on the stated types of properties.

Most of these properties tend to house the elderly. And with their presence, property owners should always prioritise their safety and protection. Starting with the bathrooms, property owners like you must incorporate fixtures that could prevent them from attaining any injuries. Fortunately, thermostatic shower taps are now available to ensure the safety of everyone, including the elderly.

The Known Vulnerability of the Elderly

But before learning more about thermostatic shower taps, you must first know about the reasons why the elderlies tend to be vulnerable, especially when in terms of using the bathrooms.

You see, bathrooms themselves can get wet after just a few minutes of turning on the shower taps. As the floors become wet, some elderlies might not have a strong grip or balance, making them susceptible to falls and slips. Additionally, the water temperature of the showers might not be set up properly. Once turned on, they might release water that is too hot for the user, which only leads to scalding injuries. These instances, unfortunately, are common among the elderly as a lot of them have more sensitive skin.

There are even older persons who feel dizzy and sleepy while taking a shower due to their medications. Without any guidance, they might fall and get injured inside the bathroom.

Guaranteeing the Safety of the Elderly

Keeping the elderly safe during their bathroom trips should always be prioritised inside care facilities, retirement villages, and private rooms. The main reason behind this is to prevent them from attaining life-threatening scalding injuries.

Scalding injuries are often obtained once the skin comes into contact with scorching hot water. Depending on the duration of the contact as well as the temperature of the water, some of these injuries tend to be life-threatening, causing infection and sepsis that require immediate medical attention. The mortality rate then increases once the elderlies attain this type of injury.

To guarantee the safety of the elderly, you must install thermostatic shower tapware on your property. Opting for this tapware helps you pre-select and regulate the temperatures of the water, preventing the elderly and others from obtaining scalding injuries. This specific tapware can likewise process water immediately since it spontaneously blends hot and cold water just to meet the right water temperatures.

Thermostatic Shower from Mixermate

If you want to acquire high-quality thermostatic shower taps for your property, then contact us now at Mixermate Australia. We can turn any hot and cold tap into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap in just an hour. Our easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages, and private homes.

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