How water taps can assist the handicapped

09 June 2014

Building or changing an existing bathroom for someone who is handicapped is not always an easy task as there are so many factors to consider. But with all the challenges that life throws at such a person, do you not think that a little comfort and ease will therefore make a world of difference? But not only to the handicapped as the elderly has the same struggles as age steps in and the body functions start to weaken.

One ought to also remember that having a disability does not mean that person is incapable of taking care of themselves as technology has so many new aids to assist in all aspects of such a person’s life. The bathroom is one of those places where people with disabilities can actually aid themselves if the proper equipment is installed. These changes also benefit the elderly in most cases as they can move around and help themselves without having to worry about calling out for someone for support with small things like opening a tap.

Renovating your bathroom to assist the elderly or handicapped is not always required as small changes can already make a big difference. You can add features to your current bathroom that will make the use of the facilities more relaxed such as fixtures in the bathtub or shower, tap mixers as well as toilet seat lifter and wipe aids and many more. Life has become so advanced that there is basically a solution for every problem one could face.

Grab bars fitted in a bathroom makes a difference as well as mixer taps, bath rings and towel bars. Hand held shower heads fitted with a mixer is ideal for the handicapped and elderly as they can now reach everywhere. Giving people with disabilities the opportunity to do things for themselves also gives then back a small piece of their lives and so also with the elderly.

If need be lower your bathroom basin, widen your bathroom door or shower door, add grab handles above the bath and next to the lavatory as these will all assist with normal everyday functions. The most important factor to keep in mind is safety when it comes to remodelling or changing a bathroom to suit a disability or the elderly. Hot water is a danger all on its own and therefore care ought to be taken when deciding upon taps or mixers for the basin, bathtub or shower.

Adding a mixer that has the convenience of opening with one easy move and having water come out that is the perfect temperature is what you will need. For such a perfect solution you can have the Mixer Mate installed within an hours and rest assured your loved one is safe.

Visit Mixer Mate for more information as well as orders and installation done by the professionals. Add quality not only to your home but also to the lives of the people you care about, giving them back a small piece of their independence and make their days happy.

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