How Can Mixermate Thermostatic Showers Prevent Water Temperature Fluctuations?

02 December 2021

Conventional showers do not have any mechanisms that can control the water. Hence, people do not have a choice but to use the water or wait until its temperature changes.

But as time passes, various products have come up to ensure that property owners and other people will feel comfortable and safe while taking a bath. One product that is popular among property owners is the electric water heater. This specific product allows cold water to pass through the dip tube before increasing its temperature with heating elements.

Another product that can help reach the desired water temperature is a thermostatic shower. We, at Mixermate Australia, offer thermostatic showers that can retain water temperature without fluctuations.

Maintaining Stable Water Temperatures

Mixermate thermostatic showers maximise many components that allow them to retain stable water temperatures. They utilise a temperature selector handle so that the water temperature does not exceed over 38°C, which is already enough in preventing risks of burns and scalds. The only way to increase the said water temperature is to manually override the safety lock, allowing users to raise the water temperature as high as 50°C.

Aside from water temperatures, Mixermate thermostatic showers can also adjust the water pressure and ensure that the temperature will stay within +/- 2°C of the selected temperature. Once they detected that the water supply is interrupted, the mixer will shut down to prevent scalding incidents.

Install Mixermate Thermostatic Showers

When installing Mixermate thermostatic showers, users do not have to remove the tiles or alter their plumbing system. Instead, they can simply replace their existing shower taps with these showers.

Remember, however, that Mixermate thermostatic showers cannot be integrated with gravity-fed systems. Instead, they can be installed and function optimally with mains pressure water systems or pump systems over 100 KPA. And for the Mixermate thermostatic showers to be effective in reaching at least 50°C, the existing hot water supply must be able to handle and reach the said temperature.

Once installed, these showers are recommended to be checked annually. The thermostatic element inside the showers must also be replaced every five years.

Mixermate Thermostatic Showers’ Benefits

Mixermate thermostatic showers boast many benefits that can be great for property owners like you.

One of the benefits of Mixermate thermostatic showers is that they are extremely safe. Given the abilities of these showers, you can effectively ensure that your water pressure and temperature will remain stable. And a stable water pressure and temperature ensure that you and others will not get injured while using these showers. Another thing that makes these showers safe is the automatic shutdown feature. This feature helps in ensuring that scalding incidents will be prevented.

Another great benefit of Mixermate thermostatic showers is that they are cost-effective. Since you do not have to remove any tiles or change the plumbing, all money associated with the said activities is not needed anymore. All you have to ensure right now is to get the showers from a reputable supplier.

To obtain quality Mixermate thermostatic showers, you can call us at Mixermate Australia.

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