Ensure Safety in Hospitals by Installing Mixermate Taps

18 November 2021

Hospitals are places that are intended to treat patients who have been experiencing illnesses and others. They likewise serve as the main place for consultations and others. With these functions alone, those who manage these places must make sure that they remain clean all the time.

One great way to ensure that hospitals can remain clean is through the installation of highly-capable taps. You see, water can help hospitals function optimally. Through this specific resource, various activities can be conducted by patients, healthcare professionals, and others. Patients and healthcare professionals are permitted to take a bath, wash their hands, or use the toilet. Other hospital employees, alternatively, can obtain water for cooking, sterilise the linen and utensils, and generate cleaning agents.

A great type of tap that can be very useful in hospitals is the Mixermate tap. Mixermate taps, which we, at Mixermate Australia, have produced, can provide hospitals with the following benefits:

Bring Convenience

One benefit of installing Mixermate taps in hospitals is that they can provide significant convenience. Our very own taps have a lever that can be operated with just a single hand, which is contrary to the more conventional knobs that can take a little while to operate. Since the types of people using the taps will vary every day, switching to Mixermate taps can easily provide convenience to everyone. The convenient operation of the levers allows anyone to not only open or close them easily but also obtain the right water temperature in just a few seconds.

Avoid Accidents

Another benefit of installing Mixermate taps in hospitals is that they can avoid issues or accidents. Many patients, healthcare professionals, and others have encountered accidents in operating traditional taps since they cannot control the temperature limits of their water. Mixermate taps, fortunately, have the option to regulate water temperatures and limit them to avoid scalding incidents. And once the temperatures of the water exceed the pre-set limits, the Mixermate taps themselves can cut off the water supply. Through our taps, water-related accidents can significantly decrease in hospitals.

Conserve Water

One more benefit of installing Mixermate taps in hospitals is that they can conserve a huge volume of water. Most conventional types of taps would take a long time and consume a huge volume of water before they could reach the pre-set water temperatures. Mixermate taps, on the other hand, can spontaneously release the needed water temperature, which can save time and water. With significant savings in water, the bills for the said utility are expected to go down as well. The savings the hospitals can get could be allocated to other necessary expenses.

If you want to install Mixermate taps on your hospital, you can contact us at Mixermate Australia. We can turn any hot and cold tap into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap and can be installed in around 1 hour.

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