Can Hot Showers Really Help Relieve Muscle and Arthritis Pain?

02 December 2016

A hot shower feels good, especially when you are feeling tired after a long day. There is a simple reason why, that’s because water temperature between 96 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit stimulates skin, muscles, and joints. Taking a hot shower is medicinal because it relieves muscle aches and promotes blood circulation, basically, it helps people to relax, and it also helps to relieve arthritis pain.

There are many people who like taking cold showers, but the benefits to the body are not the same as taking a hot shower. Taking a cold showers actually has the opposite effect of taking a hot shower. Cold water causes the skin to tighten and restricts blood circulation, this doesn’t allow muscles to relax. Taking cold showers is not harmful, it is just not beneficial if one’s goal is to relax muscles and improve circulation, which are both helpful in alleviating arthritis pain.

Long hot showers are the best, but not too long. Health studies have shown that 5 to 10 minute hot showers are long enough for the body to benefit from hot water, however, regularly showering longer than that will dry out the skin. Improved circulation is really the magic behind hot showering because increased blood flow accelerates healing and helps to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Warmth from water stimulates blood circulation, and that helps loosen muscles, joints, tendons, and tissues, effectively relieving arthritis discomfort and pain. For those living with arthritis, taking hot showers is a healthy, all-natural way to alleviate stiffness, pain, and muscle fatigue, without having to rely solely on painkillers.

When combined with regular massage, hot showers play a vital role in pain management as patient’s age that is why having an effective means to control water temperature while showering is so important.

Controlling Water Temperature with Thermostatic Showers

It’s true, hot showers really help relieve muscle and arthritis pain, if water temperature is maintained between 96 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Many homes still have separate hot and cold water knobs to turn on and off water, and to regulate its temperature. Because of this, water that comes out of shower heads is not consistent, it’s either too hot or too cold.

Thermostatic showers is the solution to this problems because water temperature can be set precisely, so you get the same temperature every time you shower, which is important for those who live with muscle and arthritis pain. Most people don’t consider showering as a means for better health in treating muscle and arthritis pain, but it is, especially when using a thermostatic shower that accurately controls water temperature.

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