Why Thermostatic Mixers are Important for Laundry

27 June 2018

There are many different ways that you can address improving the quality of your home or business. One of the easiest ways to find improvement in your home is by adding in a thermostatic mixer for use with your laundry. Thermostatic mixers have become exceedingly popular over recent years due to the easy and effective way that they provide benefits to both your wallet and your quality of life. Here at MixerMate Australia, we fully believe in the power of knowledge when it comes to helping our customers make a purchase. Today, our focus will be on how thermostatic mixers can help to improve your laundry process while also improving your home.

Thermostatic Mixers: Their Impact on Laundry in Your Home


We should probably start our conversation by discussing what exactly a thermostatic mixer actually is. The odds are good that you have a general idea of the product, but we’ll briefly go into more detail before discussing the benefits that they can impart on your laundry habits.

1) A Brief Description of Thermostatic Mixers

A thermostatic mixer valve essentially helps to control the water temperature in your home by quickly and effectively pre-mixing the water to your specifications. Thermostatic mixers will take hot and cold water and mix it together in order to have the correct temperature ready at the press of a button. Thermostatic mixers also help to control water temperature in order to prevent it from becoming too hot or too cold.

2) What Can A Thermostatic Mixer Do For Your Laundry? 

Alright, now we are focused on the key to today’s discussion. Thermostatic mixers are effective for a number of different reasons that are outside of the scope of our description up above. Thermostatic mixers work to quickly and effectively help you dial in the water temperature in your home. With your temperature dialed in, there is less time spent adjusting nozzles and hoping to get the temperature that is just right. While you don’t toggle levers with your laundry, there is still a period of time where the water has to be heated or cooled to your specifications. Let’s lay out these benefits a little simpler now that we have a rounded understanding.

A) Temperature Control
– Controlling the temperature of your water means less time spent heating/cooling which saves you time, as well.

B) Saving Water – As your water is preheated or cooled to your exact needs, you won’t be spending extra water during the adjustment phase.

C) Lower Utility Bills – By saving water and reducing utility stress, your utility bills will also be reduced.

Here at Mixermate Australia, we believe in the power and effectiveness of thermostatic mixers. If you are ready to improve your home, give us a call today and we will help set you up with the right product for your needs.

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