Why Thermostatic Mixer taps are Ideal for Airports and Public Restrooms

15 September 2017

Upon arrival at airports, most people head straight for the restroom before and after their flight. Although airport restrooms aren’t spoken of much, nearly everyone who travels can appreciate that they vary in quality and design. In fact, some are ill-equipped to handle anything but the basic necessities, a few sinks and toilets.

However, there are those airports that make a considerable investment in their restrooms, and because of this they reap the benefits of appreciation from travelers and a reputation for providing ‘good’ restroom accommodations. In fact, the fate of public restrooms is much the same, as businesses of all types, such as restaurants, gyms, hotels, department stores, grocery stores, and many others, are gauged by the condition of the restrooms, the amenities, and even the fixtures, such as the sink taps.

With that said, airports and public restrooms can make small and affordable improvements that can help win over public opinion, by installing thermostatic mixer taps.

Airports and Public Restrooms Benefit from Thermostatic Mixer Taps

The condition, the amenities, and the fixtures of restrooms leave an impression on people, for good or bad. That is why every little restroom improvement that makes people more comfortable should be considered. What makes thermostatic mixer taps ideal for airports and public restrooms is that these are an affordable and easy upgrade for sink taps and shower taps.

Installing thermostatic mixer taps is easy, as these fit over existing plumbing and do not require the removal of tiles, or the drilling of holes into walls. Once installed, thermostatic mixer taps effectively regulate water temperature, thus protecting the people who use them from any sudden changes in temperature that could result in scalding. Even if there is a failure in the cold water supply, these taps will automatically shut off the hot water if it surpasses the pre-selected temperature setting.

In this regard – were safety is an issue, thermostatic mixer taps are ideal for any public restroom, especially for airport restrooms that have a high volume of traffic. The other major benefit of these types of taps is that they are easy to use, with only one lever, children, elderly, and handicap individuals can turn on the water and adjust the temperature with just a finger.

Affordable, convenient, safe, and easy to use and install, it is no wonder why many public restroom are choosing to upgrade their taps with thermostatic mixer taps.

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