Why Sudden Temperature Change in Showers Can Cause Harm to Your Body?

26 October 2018

There are many health benefits from taking a warm shower. A warm or comfortably hot shower can help blood circulation, ease stress, relieve muscle soreness, and reduce depression, just to mention a few of the health benefits. However, when there is a sudden and drastic temperature change in showers, it can cause harm to your body.

The most common household injury is caused from hot scalding water. Burn injuries from drastic temperature changes are mainly caused because of non-compensating type shower valves that can’t effectively regulate water temperature. It is the elderly and young children who are the ones most susceptible to third degree burns from sudden unexpected temperature changes, caused by scalding hot water raining out of showers.

While scalding hot water can cause harm to your body, sudden cold temperature changes in showers can also be dangerous. Unexpected cold water can cause thermal shock, catching people by surprise and causing them to slip and fall in the shower. Thermal shock can result in serious bodily injuries, as people have fallen and have hit their heads and even broken bones.

Thankfully, sudden temperature changes in showers can be avoided with new technology.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves Prevent Sudden Temperature Change in Showers

New technology, such as thermostatic valves, can effectively prevent sudden and extreme temperature changes in showers that cause third degree scalding burns, and injuries from thermal shock, which cause people to slip and fall when frantically attempting to turn off water quickly.

Thermostatic mixing valves are specially designed to limit water temperature to a desired safe range that can be preset, thus preventing injury from scalding and thermal shock. Thermostatic mixer valves combines both hot and cold water lines, and they are easy to operate. With only one lever, you only need a finger to turn the water on and off, and to adjust shower water to a comfortable temperature quickly.

If for any reason water temperature suddenly becomes extremely hot or cold, the thermostatic valve will sense and regulate it – automatically cutting off the flow of water to prevent injury. Without a doubt, installing a thermostatic mixing valve is the best way to prevent harm to your body from sudden and unexpected temperature change in your shower.

Now, you and your family can shower in safety and comfort when you install a Mixermate thermostatic mixer valve in your home, they are affordable and easy to install, and you can find these and other quality plumbing fixtures at Mixermate.

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