Why Should You Switch to Single Lever Mixer Taps?

13 December 2018

Are you in the process of outfitting the kitchen of your new home? Are you merely looking for substantial upgrades to your kitchens and bathrooms that won’t end up breaking the bank? No matter what reason brings you to upgrading your taps, we have a potential solution for you in the form of mixer taps. Specifically, we will be discussing the benefits that a set of single lever mixer taps can bring to your home. Let’s introduce you to the concept of single lever mixer taps before detailing all of the benefits that they can provide.

Single Lever Mixer Taps: A Great Home Addition

Mixer taps may sound exotic but the truth is that they are relatively simple devices. Mixer taps merely combine your hot water and your cold water, allowing you to control the output of your faucet in one fluid motion. The difference between a mixer tap and a conventional tap system is that the water in your mixer tap is, well, mixed. In a traditional tap, the water arrives at your sink via two separate channels. While this doesn’t sound like a substantial departure from your conventional taps, there are some healthy benefits that can be derived from this adjustment. Let’s outline a few reasons to switch to single lever mixer taps.

1) Save Money on Utilities – First and foremost, by opting to go with a single lever mixer tap you are going to be helping yourself to save money on utilities. When you use two separate taps systems in order to fill your sink or run a bath, you’ll be forced to pull twice as much water in order to get to where you want to go. If you want to reduce wasted water and heightened utility bills, this is the path that you are going to be following.

2) Enjoy Safer Temperatures – Mixer taps are also significantly safer for general use than their conventional counterparts. With mixer taps installed, you are less beholden to sudden scalding or freezing temperatures. If you have young children or elderly loved ones in your home, protecting their sensitive skin is obviously pretty important. Single lever mixer taps allow you to simply dial in your preferred temperature with a twist of your wrist.

3) Modern Aesthetics – Finally, single lever mixer taps are significantly more modern and updated looking than their traditional counterparts. With a smooth display that is sleek and easy to fit into any sink area, you can’t go wrong.

Single lever mixer taps are excellent alternatives to conventional sink taps. Consider upgrading your taps today in order to enjoy the benefits on a daily basis.

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