Why Mixermate Showers are not Like Your Regular Hot Shower System

27 May 2020

Almost all hot shower systems that are available in residential areas right now only rely on heaters, which may or may not work optimally all the time. And when heaters fail, some of us would then experience scalding out of these regular hot shower systems that can cause harm and eventually burn our skin.

Mixermate knows the struggle behind the fear of using shower systems that are unpredictable and unreliable. Therefore, we have designed a shower system that can readily provide refreshing bath and shower activities without harming or burning your skin. With Mixermate showers, you are guaranteed to obtain the following benefits that cannot be found on most regular hot shower systems.

Top-Notch Design

The designs available for Mixermate showers are crafted by professionals who know how to incorporate them with modern bathroom designs. These showers are minimalist, sleek, and elegant, which makes them perfectly suited for most homes. Every homeowner is guaranteed to appreciate and enjoy the wonders brought by Mixermate showers.

Seamless Functionality

Aside from their appearance, Mixermate showers have straightforward control options that outperform regular hot shower systems. These showers can easily be controlled by the single lever technology, which can be beneficial for those who have difficulties in operating the conventional shower knobs and other similar components. Manipulating the temperature, water flow, and other elements is much easier with Mixermate showers since you do not have to wait for a long time just to acquire an excellent shower experience.

All-Around Versatility

As mentioned, the single-lever technology that is present on Mixermate showers can do a lot of things. Opening and closing the shower is seamlessly done through a lever. Even the water flow and temperature can easily be set and manipulated by the same lever. Without this specific lever technology, it would certainly take a few minutes just to set everything out. This delay for shower experience can be frustrating for some people.

Enhanced Safety

The sudden release of hot water from your shower can be dangerous as it can significantly burn your skin. Unfortunately, this situation usually happens with regular hot shower systems. The showers from Mixermate, on the other hand, are intended to protect you and your family from the harm and danger present from conventional showers. Any sudden scalding or freezing whenever you open the shower is significantly prevented with Mixermate showers due to the presence of an automatic safety switch, which helps in cutting off the water supply if it cannot achieve your preferred water temperature.

Assured Savings

The consumption of energy with Mixermate showers is reduced significantly since they only utilise one lever for all operations. Additionally, our showers do not need a huge amount of energy just to convert the water temperature, prevent water pressure fluctuation, initiate the shutdown feature when necessary, and other useful features.

With Mixermate showers, you can guarantee the safety of you and your family whenever you take a bath or shower. Any damaging effects of hot water are prevented as our showers strictly follow your desired water temperature. To obtain our showers, just give us a call at Mixermate Australia.

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