Where to find easy to use water taps for people who need them most

24 February 2015

If you or someone that you love is suffering from any ailment making everyday things difficult or painful, then Mixer Mate can help. When someone suffers from severe arthritis or has a disability something as simple as turning on a water tap can be challenging, even painful.

Something as simple as turning on a water tap may be taken for granted to the ordinary, healthy individual, but those facing the everyday challenges know that having an easy to use water tap can make all of the difference in their lives on a day to day basis.

Think about how many times a day we use our water taps. Everything from hand washing to bathing and even doing dishes involves turning on a tap. Now, imagine that you faced pain or difficulty every time you had to do one of those basic tasks. People facing these challenges may not reveal their dilemma to anyone because it is in many ways a loss of independence.

If you know your loved one has chronic pain or faces a challenge then you may want to consider having these easy to use taps installed in their home. It will greatly enhance their quality of life and comfort while also restoring independence.

You won’t run into unwanted costs, because your plumbing does not have to be revised in most cases to accommodate the new taps. Instillation by a friendly professional takes around an hour. There is no drilling into your walls, washers do not have to be changed, the process is very cost effective and the new taps will save water.

Restoration of these daily activities that many of us never think twice of can be a life changing experience to someone who suffers from any illness that limits the use of their hands. Make the call today and allow the freedom of living pain free to be something your loved one can cherish for the rest of their life.

These easy to use water taps are perfect for the shower, basin, bath, laundry cover and the sink to name a few. The come in several shades including ivory, white, stainless and chrome to fit into any décor beautifully. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to give Mixer Mate a call.

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