What Makes the Installation of Mixermate Tap Hassle-free?

03 June 2019

If you are looking for a simple way to improve your home, you can’t go wrong with upgrading your kitchen and bathroom taps. Unfortunately, most people only upgrade their taps amidst other, larger renovations due to the hassle involved in changing the plumbing around. If you want to upgrade your taps in order to enjoy the benefits provided by Mixermate’s tap system, you can still do that without breaking your bank doing a whole renovation. Today, we are going to outline the installation process for your Mixermate taps.

Hassle-FreeMixermate Tap Installation

Mixermate taps are excellent products because they provide your home with tangible, inarguable benefits. Mixermate taps are safer than conventional tapping systems because of their temperature control capabilities. Additionally, Mixermate taps help to reduce your water waste by serving you the exact temperature that you request. Still, renovations can be a pain and they can be expensive. What makes Mixermate taps different than regular tap installations? Let’s look through the process.

1) Non-Invasive Installation – Mixermate taps do not require any sort of tile removal for their installation. In fact, these tap systems will install directly overtop your existing plumbing. You won’t have to tear down your wall in order to re-route plumbing. With a little bit of time and some elbow grease, you can have your new Mixermate taps ready to go.

2) Convenient Access
– Your Mixermate tap system can be installed in roughly an hour. Relying on your existing plumbing, all you’ll have to do is mount your Mixermate tap onto the wall. Your Mixermate taps can be affixed to your shower, your bathroom sink, or your kitchen sink. The single-lever system is easy to use and easier to access.

3) Minimal Tools – You’ll need a few general tools in order to get your system mounted, but outside of that, the installation process is stress-free. You won’t need a hammer to break down walls. You won’t need to work with grout, your piping, or any other sorts of adjustments. Spend just a little bit of time with your instruction manual and you’ll be well on your way toward a better tap experience.

If you are looking to make some minimal upgrades that have tangible benefits, starting with a set of Mixermate taps definitely can make a lot of sense. Mixermate taps can be installed with minimal effort. By simply adding your system overtop your existing tapware, you’ll have access to temperature controlled water. You don’t have to worry about any internal work, pipe re-routing, or wall breaking. Within an hour, your Mixermate system is ready to provide you with tangible benefits.

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