What Makes Shower Mixers More Effective Than Electric Showers?

29 July 2015

What makes shower mixers more effective than electrical showers? That is a good question many have asked, but to know the answer you should first understand how electric showers and showers mixers work. Although most showers look different because of the myriad of designs, colors and materials these are made from, if you really examine showers then you will discover that there are two types which are commonly used – shower mixers and electric showers.

Most people have wondered which among electric showers and mixer showers prove to be the most effective. In some cases, people depend largely on online reviews to find out whether one works for them or doesn’t. But sometimes, even the most thorough of online reviews cannot compare to testing a thing yourself and knowing the various pros and cons firsthand.

A Quick Look at Mixer Showers and Electric Showers – Which is better?

When comparing electrical showers to mixer showers one will come to understand that there is a very big difference between how one works over the other. Electric showers often involves the quick heating of cold water that is collected in a reservoir by using electrical current to heat the water. Mixed showers take water directly from a built-in hot-water system which is linked to a cold-water reservoir.

Electric showers may be okay for some people who have no time to wait until water heats up sufficiently in a boiler, these can be convenient, but their use comes at a coast reflected in one’s monthly electrical bill. Thankfully, combination showers are able to provide perfect-temperature showers just to one’s liking, and are cheaper to use, especially for larger families.

Unlike electric showers that depend on a single electrical heater, mixer showers have boilers that allow for an automated way to get consistent showering temperatures at the turn of a knob. Some mixer showers even boast digitized temperature control systems that guarantee far more consistent results every time; that, when compared to the costly use of an electric shower, is what makes shower mixers more appealing.

Many shower mixers have both hot and cold knobs, and these need to be used together to adjust the desired temperature of shower water. Sometimes, getting the temperature you want takes a minute or two of adjustment time, and requires two hands. The Mixermate system can help in this regard, especially for shower taps which hard to use. How?

This system effectively combines the hot and cold shower knobs into one lever that is easy to use. In fact, it’s so easy to use that only one finger can turn on and off the water. And, it doesn’t require expensive plumbing alterations.

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