What Makes Mixermate Taps Easier to Install?

09 November 2020

Many households have been installing different types of taps just to accommodate the needs of their families. However, most of these taps not only are difficult to install, but they do not boast features that can help them save money and prevent any problems.

Fortunately, Mixermate taps can easily help homeowners when it comes to installation, general use, and cost savings. They can also provide benefits that other taps do not possess.

Easy Installation with Mixermate Taps

What is great about Mixermate taps is that they are easier to install compared to others. From your old hard-to-use taps, you can easily possess an easy-to-use single lever tap that can help you and your family with all your water needs.

Mixermate taps are easier to install than the others as they do not require any removal of tiles. Most of the taps in the market right can only be installed and used if the tiles on a specific area are removed completely. With Mixermate taps, alternatively, they can be installed on specific areas without removing the tiles. The absence of tile removal can likewise make the overall plumbing costs much cheaper and more affordable. Even the drilling of the wall is avoided with this type of tap.

And since Mixermate taps do not require the removal of tiles or drilling into walls, then the time needed for the installation of these taps is expected to be cut significantly. In around an hour, you can already utilise and enjoy the benefits of Mixermate taps.

Advantages of Using Mixermate Taps

The advantages of using Mixermate taps in your home are abundant. For one, since Mixermate taps utilise an easy-to-use single lever mixer tap, then they can easily benefit those who have difficult access to other types of taps. Mixermate taps can already be turned on with one finger, which can be perfect for those with arthritis or low hand function. The elderly and disabled can likewise maximise these taps.

Aside from providing support, Mixermate taps can also be advantageous since they are made to last for a very long time. These taps are comprised of Australian-made fittings, which makes them durable and long-lasting. The replacement for these fittings is also easy since they are conveniently available locally.

Mixermate taps are likewise cost-effective. Installing these taps on your property can help you save water since they can regulate the water temperature according to your preferred one. They can even stop the release of the water if these taps have detected that the water temperature has not reached the ideal temperatures, preventing any instances of scalding or other related injuries.

Apart from their core water-related functions, Mixermate taps are also versatile. Their cover can double as a shelf for soaps, shampoos, and other products. Their covers may come in white, ivory, chrome, or stainless steel. Mixermate taps can also be installed in different locations, making them versatile and adaptable. They can be situated on showers, bathrooms, basins, sinks, and laundry areas.

If you want to buy Mixermate taps, then give us a call now at Mixermate Australia.


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