Water Saving Benefits of Mixermate Taps

09 November 2015

Eco-friendly measures are becoming the standard practice of more and more folks here in Australia, and around the world; that is a good thing. Water, for example, is a precious commodity now and needs to be conserved whenever possible. Effective conservation of water starts in the home; thankfully, there are technologies available that can help folks to save water – water saving taps – Mixermate taps can help families save water and money.

Water Saving Benefits of Mixermate Taps – Water Saving Taps That Work

Water saving taps is nothing new, just better designed than regular water taps that you can find at any hardware store. As human cities grow, so does the need for more water, and saving water; making a habit of it, before it’s too late, just makes sense. Everyone can help by installing a water saving tap in their homes, or even multiple water taps.

Mixermate taps saves water by regulating the amount of water that flows out precisely. Most water that is wasted in homes and businesses is caused by no set water pressure limit, but a water saving tap can limit the amount of water used, so that it is not wasted. For example, most folks go into the shower, turn on the cold water first and then slowly turn on the hot water to reach the desired temperature for showering. And, once showering, most folks have more water coming out of the tap than they really need.

These taps can be set to limit the amount of water flow, so that you use just the right amount of water while showering. Over days and weeks, much water can be saved, and that’s not all. The amount of water families’ use is one thing, but wasted hot water is another important resource that a water saver tap can help save. How can it save hot water?

When turning on the shower most people let the water run a bit, so the hot and cold water knobs can be manipulated separately to achieve the right water temperature, this takes time and water is wasted in the process. Water-saving mixer taps combine both the hot and cold water knobs into one lever, which can easily be manipulated with one hand, even just one finger. And, you can calibrate the Mixermate tap to a certain temperature, as well as controlling how much water flows out.

In this way, the total amount of water your family uses and the amount of hot water that is saved is considerable. A water saving tap in the kitchen, tub, shower and laundry room can save much water over the course of a year, and that also saves you the next best thing to water, money.

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