Water Mixer Taps: A Necessity for the Winter Season

25 May 2017

There are many times when people need to use hot or warm water, especially during the winter season. No one wants to bear a freezing cold shower in the winter, however, some homes still have older water heaters that do not produce and maintain hot water consistently. Thankfully, people don’t have to boil water anymore to take a bath.

With the development of technologies like thermostatic mixer taps that effectively regulates water temperature, people of all ages can enjoy consistent water temperature, without the risk of becoming burned from unexpectedly hot water spewing out of a shower head.

Benefits of Thermostatic Mixer Taps

Regulates Water Temperature

Mixer taps are not simply devices that control the flow of water, but these give you very consistent warm and hot water, whenever you want or need, with the ability to preset your desired water temperature.

Tank-less Water Heater

Old models of water heaters use tanks to heat water which consumes space and requires additional maintenance. Mixer Taps do not use water tanks, save space, and need less maintenance.

No Sudden Temperature Surge

The water temperature remains the same during the whole time of your shower, and there is never any sudden change in temperature, which can be very uncomfortable if cold water comes out unexpectedly, or worse, scalding hot water, it can burn your skin.


Your selected temperature will be constant, as long as you do not adjust the temperature, so you can be confident every shower you take will be exactly the way you like it. No more fiddling with the hot and cold knobs to find the right combination every time you take a shower.


Effectively regulating water temperature is crucial for ensuring you and your family’s safety, especially for children and elderly. This because a sudden surge of unexpected hot water can burn skin, or extremely cold water can cause people to panic, fall, and potentially hurt themselves if extreme water temperature is not regulated effectively.

What is the Ideal Device for Regulating Water Temperature?

A water mixer tap by Mixermate is the ideal thermostatic mixer tap for any home, especially during winter season. Installation of the device is easy, fast, and does not require removing any tiles, drilling holes, or the use of cement because it simply fits over existing taps.

If you want to effectively regulate the water temperature in your home, so you can confidently have the same water temperature every time you shower this winter season, then you need a Mixermate water mixer tap.

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