Use Mixermate Thermostatic Mixers for Handwashing and Personal Hygiene to Help Fight Coronavirus

28 August 2020

The battle against the coronavirus continues as numerous countries still fear its looming threat to people. Some countries may have already successfully contained the spread of the contagious disease, but it does not grant them the right to be complacent. As a matter of fact, almost all countries that have already been reached by the virus are continuously implementing and imposing measures just to decrease and reduce the number of people contracting the virus.

Medical professionals and scientists who have studied the properties of the coronavirus have found several ways in combatting and fighting them off. For one, the implementation of physical distancing in public or enclosed spaces has proven to be effective in preventing people from getting infected by a lone carrier of the disease. The wearing of masks in public spaces has also prevented the coronavirus from getting inside the body system of most people.

Basic Principles of Washing Hands

The practice of washing hands has been the norm when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene. However, as the coronavirus spread more and more communities, the call to practice proper handwashing has grown stronger as it truly helps fight the disease.

Washing of hands must not stop with putting your hands under clean, running water. As different soap advertisements would show, the need to use soap in washing hands for around 20 seconds is necessary. Scrubbing the soap against the surface of your hands initiates the formation of soap molecules that eliminate any existing virus or bacteria. All the bubbles that form during the handwashing process will pick up the germs from your hands and wash them down the drain as you put them under running water.

For your hands to be certainly clean, you must wet them entirely under clean, running water. Then, you must apply soap to the inside and back of your hands and scrub them for at least 20 seconds. Your fingertips, fingernails, and other tiny parts of the hands must also be washed with soap. Afterward, rinse your hands under running water to remove soap substances. You must likewise dry the water from your hands with a towel or air dryers so that airborne germs will not latch onto your hands again.

Use Mixermate Thermostatic Mixers

To date, the water temperature needed in washing hands with soap is not yet determined. For medical experts, as long as the soap is applied during the handwashing routine, one can certainly expect their hands to be free from viruses or bacteria in a given amount of time.

Washing hands under either cold or warm water can be done if you want. You just make sure that you apply soap to your hands and wash them in a certain amount of time. You must also ensure that the water used in washing hands will not scald your skin to avoid injuries. To avoid scalding, you may want to use and install Mixermate Thermostatic Mixers for your everyday water use and application.

Mixermate Thermostatic Mixers can give homes and properties water temperatures that are within their preferred temperature range. They can also adjust the water pressure and temperature and let it stay within +/- 2 °C. These thermostatic mixers can also shut down immediately if the water supply gets interrupted, preventing instances of scalding and other water-related injuries and accidents.

In fighting coronavirus, washing hands with Mixermate Thermostatic Mixers allows you to get the needed water temperatures without the risk of scalding. Just remember to apply soap and follow the necessary steps in washing your hands.

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