Understanding the Difference Between Mixer Taps and Standard Taps

08 November 2022

The source of the water affects the temperature of the water that flows from a faucet. Warm or hot water is needed for many applications, including bathing and cleaning. When hot water was required in the past, a hot water source was attached to the regular tap. The user would need to manually combine hot water from one source with cold water from another to change the water’s temperature. The mixer tap was created as a solution to this issue. It made it simple for users to change the water’s temperature. The water mixer tap typically features valves that can be used to change the hot and cold water flow to get the water temperature you want. The characteristics of taps are what you need to be aware of.

To assist you in choosing which tap to purchase, we at Mixermate will compare the features of a mixer tap to a standard tap.

Standard Tap

Although there are several popular faucet styles available, the typical tap design has been in use for millennia all over the world. Depending on how far the tap may be opened, the water flow rate is changed. The user will need to install a separate standard tap if he needs hot water. Hot water must be manually combined with cold water in a bucket or mug to create warm water. The standard tap may occasionally feature separate knobs to regulate the flow of hot or cold water.

Because they are simpler in design, the main benefit of standard tap products is that they are less expensive. If warm water is needed, more room is required to install standard taps because a separate area for hot and cold water is necessary. Additionally, if the temperature of the water is quite high, there is a chance that it could burn or scald someone, which is risky, especially for young children and the elderly.

Mixer Tap

These days, mixer taps are extremely popular. They are present in structures like homes and buildings built in the last few decades. Depending on the setting, hot and cold water are mixed in the tap, resulting in warm water pouring out of the tap. The user will find this to be rather useful because it makes changing the water’s temperature simple. You can install a wide variety of taps in your house. The most popular mixer tap designs feature levers or handles that can be raised. Depending on how high the handles may be raised, the water temperature can be changed. Lever mixer taps need the user to turn the lever one way to get more hot water and the other way to get more cold water. The volume of hot and cold water can be changed by adjusting the handle set on the tap’s valve, which has holes in it.

These taps are preferred because of their small size, ease of installation, and range of possible styles. Since changing the water’s temperature is simple, less water is wasted, which lowers water costs. The lower chance of burns and water scalding is another advantage of using a mixer tap in your shower, kitchen, or restroom. If you’re wondering how much it would cost to install a water tap, such as a mixer tap, know that it will be more expensive than a standard tap because of its more intricate design.

Both the standard tap and the mixer tap have benefits and drawbacks. The user must choose the option that is most suitable for them. When selecting the ideal tap for you and your family, you should take into account cost, convenience, and desired design.

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