Understand the Technology and Properties of Mixermate to Mattsson Thermostatic Shower

23 March 2020

Most traditional shower taps would normally release and produce water with a temperature that matches its main source. So, when the water from the main plant has low or even freezing temperatures, you can expect your water from your shower tap to be cold as well. To avoid this situation from happening, companies have crafted various solutions to replace these taps.

One of the solutions that professionals have come up with is to release thermostatic showers. Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic showers provide and have been continuously providing the adequately right temperature of water to consumers for a very long time now. The technology and idea behind these showers make them suitable for people who don’t want to get surprised by their shower water.

The Company behind the Thermostatic Shower

The expertise and knowledge of FM Mattsson in creating and manufacturing thermostatic taps and showers come from their long years of experience. In fact, this company has been able to design mixers, taps, and showers that are fused with high-quality and innovative technology. Furthermore, FM Mattsson is the first to commercially introduce soft closing single level mixers and thermostatic mixing valves, making them the true pioneer of the two world-unique solutions.

Technology and Properties of the Shower

The advantage of using Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic shower is you get to easily control the water temperature of your shower. It might be simple, but the technology behind this type of shower does a lot of things just to help you out. After all, this shower is meant for people who are sensitive to water temperature fluctuations and who are at risk of burns.

Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic showers are equipped with a temperature selector handle that can prevent your water temperature from reaching beyond 38°C. However, you still have the option to change the maximum temperature setting by manually overriding its safety lock. The maximum water temperature that you can get with this shower is 50°C.

Another great technology behind this thermostatic shower is its ability to automatically adjust the water pressure and temperature within a specific range of ± 2°C. Meaning, if you set the temperature at 30°C, then you can expect your shower to release water within the temperature of 28°C to 32°C.

The interruption of water supply may be unpredictable. And for this reason, the Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic shower has valves that can automatically shut down the whole thing. These valves are helpful since they stop and halt the release of unprocessed hot water, preventing you from getting into shower accidents due to burns and scalds.

For the benefit of everyone who will be using this shower, it features a single lever for all types of functionality. From turning on and off the shower down to the control of temperature, the Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic shower can certainly provide comfort and convenience to all people.

When you buy and install Mixermate to Mattsson thermostatic shower, you will be equipped with the most advance shower taps that you can have right now. If you are interested in a thermostatic shower, you can call us now at Mixermate Australia and we will recommend you the best shower for you.

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