Top 4 Reasons Why Granny Flats Need Mixermate Hot Shower and Tap Mixers

11 February 2021

Those who want to accommodate their aging parents or even grandparents can maximise granny flats as their main self-contained living property. And to ensure that the elderlies will remain safe and protected, there are several fixtures and components that must be present around these properties. Two of these fixtures are hot showers and tap mixers.

We, at Mixermate, believe that granny flats should be a safe place not just for aging family members but for everyone who will be living and visiting them. Therefore, our Mixermate hot showers and tap mixers are guaranteed to regulate and control water temperatures according to the preferences of property owners. The installation of Mixermate hot showers and tap mixers can help in providing warm and comfy baths for all granny flat occupants. They can likewise provide the following benefits.

Simplifies Usage

The design of Mixermate showers and tap mixers is intended to simplify their form of usage. Just by turning the lever, these fixtures can already provide the needed water temperatures of elderlies without the risk of getting skin injuries. The need for separate taps for water temperatures is reduced through our well-crafted showers and tap mixers. The simplicity of their use can truly benefit elderlies and children, especially those who do not have enough strength to operate a normal shower or tap.

Enhances Safety

Another reason why granny flats should have Mixermate showers and tap mixers is that they can significantly enhance the safety of these properties. Since the water temperature of our fixtures can be controlled beforehand, aging parents and others who are residing inside these living quarters can expect water flow that they can certainly tolerate. Conventional hot showers and tap mixers, after all, have to be controlled manually. Worse, they cannot stop water from coming out even if is already too cold or too hot.

Improves Health

What makes Mixermate showers and tap mixers great is that they can effectively release water that is useful for taking a shower. And with warm or hot showers, family members could easily feel significant improvements over their health. Taking warm or hot showers can help their bodies combat soring of muscles and other parts, lower blood sugar, improve blood pressure and circulation, soothe aching joints and muscles, enhance skin health, and stimulate brain health.

Saves Resources

Granny flats and even other types of properties can surely appreciate the existence of Mixermate showers and tap mixers as they can drastically save time and water. Unlike normal showers and taps, our products are designed to keep water consumption to a minimum, all without compromising their ability to regulate water temperatures. The time spent for keeping the water to the desired temperature is also minimised through utilising Mixermate showers and taps.

To gain access to our products, just give us a call at Mixermate Australia. We can turn any hot and cold tap into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap and can be installed in around 1 hour.


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