Tired of those outdated water taps? Get the easy to use upgrades today!

24 March 2015

When it comes to easy to use and more modernised water taps you do not have to have an ailment to enjoy them. There are modernised wonders in the tap world. They have come a long way from the days of invasive drilling and such during the application process. As a matter of fact these taps fit with your regular plumbing, so there is no digging or drilling, no invasive application at all, making the entire process not only easy, but quick!

These modernised, easy to use water taps come in several different colours and blend seamlessly and beautifully into any décor. If you are looking for something hassle free and “different” then Mixermate is the place to start. These are definite upgrades to any of your old taps, and they work well in any home.

Mixermate is not only an authority in the field of specialty water taps but they also have an impeccable reputation that can’t be beat. They are competitively priced. They only use the best tools and materials for every job which is always done by trained and licensed professionals. This is a company that you can count on to get the job done professionally and with precision. You will never pay for unnecessary labour or parts, ever.

Imagine getting these exceptionally easy to use and stylish water taps installed with no extra costs attached in under an hour. No washers to replace, no drilling and no tile removal. It can be possible through Mixermate, and you won’t have to worry about be concerned whether or not it will fit into your budget either.

Another great thing about these taps is that they are excellent tools for water preservation. All fittings are made in Australia, and they are going to fit to you existing plumbing. Wall mounts work wonderfully in the shower, bath and basins. They can even be used in the laundry.

The trendy part is that they are multifunctional and can be used as shelving for shampoos and the like. Also, the water temperature can be preset so it is perfect every time. This can be as a connivance or used as a safety feature.

Any family with or without physical ailments can benefit from these stylish and easy to use water taps. They are very modern and also practical. You will love the service that you get from Mixermate, so give them a call today!

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