Thermostatic Mixermate Showers: Comfort for Kids with Special Needs

27 July 2018

Thermostatic Mixermate Showers have become more and more popular in hospitals and special care homes over the years, for a good reason. When your child with special needs bathes, you need to know that they are going to be safe while they do it. While caretakers and parents will obviously be attentive to the needs of their child, monitoring the children with eagle-eyed supervision, it is still important to have some control over the water being used. While most people don’t think too deeply on the safety of the water that they are using for their child with special needs, the truth is that water can be a very real issue. Let’s discuss what the Thermostatic Mixermate Shower can do for children with special needs when at home or in the hospital.

Thermostatic Mixermate Showers – Safety and Comfort

With the Mixermate Thermostatic Shower, you are installing a component into your home that will help you to dramatically reduce potential health issues and anxiety in the bathroom. For a child with special needs, be they in their own home or a special care facility, safety, and comfort is obviously incredibly important. The Thermostatic Mixermate Shower works overtime in order to help these children bathe comfortably while reducing the potential for injury. Here are a few key ways that their safety is focused on.

1) Bathing In Comfort – The calling card for the Mixermate Thermostatic Shower is that the parents or caretakers of the child can dial in a specific, safe, temperature that cannot be adjusted. Knowing what keeps your child with special needs comfortable is important, but implementing proper shower temperatures in order to maintain their comfort is even more important.

2) Bathing In Safety – While parental supervision is necessary during the bathing process, sometimes even the sharpest of eyes can miss potentially dangerous water temperatures. It only takes a split second of carelessness for your child with special needs to be scalded by hot water. With the Mixermate Thermostatic Shower installed, you can preset the high and low temperatures of your shower. With these preset temperatures, you never have to worry about hot water getting away from you and thus burning your child with special needs. Safety is, of course, a focus.

3) Peace Of Mind – Finally, you’ll rest easy knowing that your special needs charge is able to get clean while staying comfortable and safe. Limiting potential anxiety is incredibly important for these children and it doesn’t hurt for you to feel better about their safety and comfort. Thermostatic Mixermate Showers are incredibly easy to operate and they can be a game-changing application for children with special needs.

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