Thermostatic Mixer Showers: Benefits for the Disabled and Handicapped

19 January 2018

It is never too soon to try and improve your way of life and you’d be surprised by the ways in which you can do this. Have you ever thought about the quality of your showers at home? Many folks rarely think twice and assume that they have to deal with whatever they have. This just isn’t the case. Here at Mixermate, we believe in bringing out the best when it comes to your shower. Today, we are going to discuss thermostatic mixer showers and how they can be a dramatic improvement in your home life. We are also going to talk about how thermostatic mixer showers can be tremendously useful for those that are disabled or handicapped.

The Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Before we can get too far into our discussion, we must first clarify what exactly a thermostatic mixer shower actually is. Many people wouldn’t know a thermostatic shower from the 25-year-old shower that they’d been using for years, at least at first glance. However, once you start to dig into the details you will realise that the two showers are no more alike than a bicycle and an automobile.

A thermostatic mixer shower is a shower that has a special thermostatic mixer valve installed. This mixer valve helps to do a variety of different things to improve your showering experience. This thermostatic mixing valve, often shortened to TMV, allows water to constantly be fed from both the hot and cold side in order to keep the flow consistent at a safe and constant temperature.

Benefits of Thermostatic Showers for Disabled/Handicapped

If you or a family member needs to have special conditions when getting clean, the thermostatic mixing shower can be exactly what you are looking for. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider a TMV for your shower:

  1. Temperature Control – If you have sensitive skin or cannot handle temperature fluctuations, the thermostatic mixer shower will cure all of your woes. Thermostatic showers remain consistent in temperature without any fluctuations.
  2. External Mount – Your thermostatic mixer shower can be installed without removing any tiles or altering any of your plumbing. For those that are handicapped or disabled, this makes installation a breeze and actual usage even easier.
  3. Anti-Scald Technology – The hottest your new shower can go will be roughly 38′ Celsius. The only way your shower can be made hotter is by manually overriding the safety valve, and even then the valve will regulate to a maximum of 50′ Celsius.

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