Thermostat Mixer Showers for Your Luxury Bathroom

09 March 2016

You have worked hard for what you have – your home, and all the things in it. One simple luxury that people truly appreciate as the years go by is a comfortable bathroom, and for those who pamper themselves with the best, nothing is better than a luxury bathroom.

Luxury bathrooms, by their very nature, are designed around comfort, and some bathrooms are truly fit for a king’s comfort. One of the main luxuries found in modern bathroom is readily available running hot water, something of a luxury people today take for granted. However, one of the biggest problems with most shower taps have been the lack of consistent water temperature and water pressure that comes out.

In fact, scalding hot water is a common culprit of home injuries. Unexpected hot water shooting out from shower taps can burn children, the elderly and anyone else who has ill-fate to have an unexpected blast of scalding water come down on them from above. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem – thermostat mixer showers.

Your luxury bathroom should be a 100% safe place in your home, a place without worry where you can relax and take care of business – pampering yourself. Thermostat mixer showers are the solution, these will ensure that no chance of scalding hot water will come blasting through your showers, because water temperature can be adjusted to exactly the way you like it, consistently, every time, features that regular shower taps cannot reproduce.

Also, unlike old shower taps that have both hot and cold water knobs to wrestle with, thermostat mixers like Mixermate combine the two into one easily controlled lever. This makes it far easier for those with arthritic conditions, the elderly or those with some form of handicap that make it difficult to use their hands to twist and turn faucet knobs.

Another benefit is that Mixermate thermostat mixers saves both water and electricity, this is possible by letting you fine tune your water output. Basically, you only use the hot water you need, which means you save money, because nothing is wasted. Just, because you have a luxury bathroom doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot.

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