The Importance of Using Thermostatic Mixers to Disinfect Your Laundry

31 July 2020

Doing the laundry at some point in the week can be tiresome and even frustrating, especially if the water from the tap does not truly match your desired water temperature. And even if the water temperature is already optimal for laundry activities, the detergent products that you may have used are not really compatible with the set of clothes you intend to wash.

These are only some of the problems that you may face whenever you are doing the laundry. Fortunately, one problem that is previously mentioned can be solved by thermostatic mixers. Thermostatic mixers can effectively change the temperature of the water from the tap or shower whenever you need it. But before going into the specifics of these mixers, you must first know the basic principles behind laundry activities.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Laundry

Numerous misconceptions are frequently attributed to laundry works. Some would believe that only warm water can clean and disinfect dirty clothes. Even the detergents for laundry are said to only work effectively with water at high temperatures. But in reality, both cold and warm water plays a crucial role in making the clothes clean and tidy.

Different studies have already confirmed that cold water can work great for most laundry activities, especially if you will be removing dirt and stains. Detergent products can also work with cold water since they now have cleaning enzymes that easily function despite low water temperatures. Coldwater laundry, however, is not recommended for those who are living in areas where the water runs as low as 4 degrees Celsius. The introduction of hot water to the laundry is a must for people who are living in these areas.

As for hot water, the reason why it is not that sought out for cleaning clothes is due to its harsh effects on some types of clothing. Some clothing fabrics can get damaged easily with hot water. Fabric discolouration may also happen with warm to the hot water cycle. Nevertheless, one helpful function of hot water in doing laundry is its ability to sanitise and disinfect sheets, clothes, and other products.

The Importance of Thermostatic Mixers

Given the significance of both cold and warm water in cleaning and disinfecting your laundry, it just proves that both water temperature options are present in every household. One effective way of obtaining cold and warm water is through the installation of thermostatic mixers.

As mentioned, these mixers can effectively provide the needed water temperature for taps and showers. They can easily maintain the exact water temperature you may need whenever you are doing laundry or even other activities like washing the dishes and taking a shower. Moreover, thermostatic showers ensure that sudden changes in the water supply will be prevented, which is ideal for laundry that is sensitive to burning hot or freezing cold water. They make sure that your pre-selected temperature will be followed all the time. And if there are erratic water temperature changes, these mixers can instantly stop water output.

Disinfecting your laundry will be much easier with thermostatic mixers. You do not have to wait for a certain time just to access your needed warm temperatures for disinfection and sanitation. The risk of scalding or skin injuries can also be eliminated whenever you are doing the laundry.

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