The Importance of Soap Dispenser Units in Retirement Homes and Hospitals

14 July 2016

Consistent hand washing and hand care are often the most overlooked aspects of hygiene and health, everywhere. Although the use of sanitizers has increased dramatically, for good reasons, there is still a lot of work to be done in building soap dispensing awareness within every type of business and industry.

It is a well-known fact, people will use soap dispensers if available in restrooms, which makes these an important and integral part of the overall hygiene standard of a facility. This is especially important in hospitals and retirement homes where health is the main concern.

Here are some points of consideration to help facility administrators understand why soap dispensers are a necessity everywhere, not just in the restroom.

1. Soap beds are not clean.

We all know that soap is not an elixir to kill every bad bacteria, although it is definitely one of the most common tools to keep germs under control. However, with regular bar soap there is always the chance of improper storage, and it usually creates water puddles when left to set that can help bacteria breed. Many people are surprised to discover that many kinds of bacteria can actually jump directly onto their hands, but by using a soap dispenser it can eliminate this from happening.

2. Already weakened immunity.

Old age and sickness lowers body immunity and makes people prone to diseases. That is another reason why soap dispenser units in retirement homes and hospitals are more important than anywhere else. Caring for people admitted to hospitals and retirement homes is top priority, and when considering that the typical bar soap bed can breed bacteria, it become clear that soap dispenser are best.

3. It is cost and environmentally friendly.

Facilities like hospitals and retirement homes require large quantities of soap every year. Therefore, any kind of wastage means that the overall operational cost is going to suffer. By installing soap dispenser units in retirement homes and hospitals promotes optimum utilization and cost reduction. And, anytime waste is reduced, it is always good for the environment.

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