The Importance of Maintaining Constant Water Temperature in Thermostatic Showers

26 July 2016

Nothing is as relaxing and refreshing as a nice, hot shower, if it is just the right temperature, you can stand under the running water in a meditative state all day long. In this way, showering is medicinal because it helps to relieve physical and mental stresses from all types of sources.

Unfortunately, not all showers are the same because the fluctuation in water temperature varies much, especially when there are multiple people living in a home. However, there is a special type of thermostatic shower that provides the luxury of having consistent and precise water temperature control that you can adjust to your ideal temperature. This allows you to escape into a meditative state of relaxation every time you shower because the water will be just as hot as you want it, every time.

It is true, comfort while showering is important, but unpredictable water temperature is a cause for concern, as some heating systems can produce scalding hot water that can spew unexpectedly from shower heads and can injury children or the elderly. No one wants that to happen, and it won’t, if thermostatic showers are installed in your home.

Thermostatic Showers, Comfort and Safety

A thermostatic shower eliminates the risk of scalding injuries caused by unexpected fluctuations in water temperature coming from shower heads. These types of mixer taps were initially designed and developed for bathtubs, but are now ideally used in showers because the possibility of extremely cold or hot water flowing out is eliminated, which effectively removes the greatest comfort obstacle in showering.

Actually, thermostatic showers are now synonymous to safety. You don’t need to be a safety expert to understand that sudden drops and increases in water temperature pose a real risk to skin health. Often, it is the elderly who suffer from burns and rashes due to these variations in extreme temperature. The good news is that installing thermostatic shower taps are inexpensive and do not require any drilling into walls or replacing any of your home’s plumbing.

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