The Importance of Installing Easy-to-Use Single Lever Mixer Tap for Your Visitors’ Convenience

20 November 2019

Imagine yourself hosting a small dinner gathering, and that you have invited your relatives, friends, or even neighbours to your house. You then prepared the best dishes that you have on your plate to impress your visitors. Before eating your well-prepared meal, some of your visitors asked you for the direction of the sink. There, they would wash their hands for sanitary purposes.

As they use your sink, visitors are surprised that the tap has an option to change the water temperature at ease. This tap impressed them, who subsequently asked you about the mixer tap. This example proves that easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap is an excellent tool for the convenience of your visitors.

Installing single-lever mixer taps in your kitchen sinks and bathroom will cater not only to your needs but also to your visitors’ comfort. The following are the reasons why installing them is essential for your home.

Ease of Operation

Single lever mixer taps provide ease of use for you and your visitors. With just one hand, your visitors can quickly open the tap by lifting the lever. The lever will stay open unless you close it again. Choosing the water temperature is also more straightforward with these taps. Pointing the lever mixer tap in a specific direction can give you the water temperature that you want. This feature prevents you and your visitors from getting temperature shocks or scalding as soon as you open the tap.

Control Options

As mentioned, a single lever mixer tap provides an easy way to control the temperature. Dialling the perfect temperature is easy with these taps. Your visitors can adjust the lever towards a specific direction to make the water cold, hot, or any other temperature that they want. Thankfully, this kind of tap has an option to pre-set the temperature of the water through the lever on the side.

Aside from temperature, another importance of having a single lever mixer tap is its ability to control the water flow. While moving the lever sideways controls the temperature of the water, the up and down action of the lever determines the overall flow of water. As you lift the lever higher, the water flow that the tap produces will be stronger compared to a lever positioned at a lower level.

Modernise Look

Homeowners like you may have modernised the look and design of your home. So, if you are worried about the design and style of single lever mixer tap, then relax. Single lever mixer taps that are released in the market today come in a huge range of designs, finishes, and styles. One of the most popular finishes of this kind of tap is classic chrome plating, which can last for a very long time. This kind of stylish taps can impress your visitors.

If you want to know more about single lever mixer tap, contact us at Mixermate. We can provide you the best taps in Australia for you and your visitors’ needs.

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