The “Easy To Install and Use” of Mixermate Showers and Sink Taps

09 August 2016

In every kitchens and bathroom, regulating water temperature is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners around the world. Here at Mixermate, we provide the solution to this problem – thermostatic showers and sink taps. Whether it is maintaining constant water temperature, or to meet the demand for high quality fixtures, you can expect the best from the Mixermate brand.

Water Temperature Regulation

Think of a nice, warm, relaxing shower, and then imagine, suddenly, it starts blasting piping hot water on your head. This happens, and it is a huge concern, especially when you have children and elderly at home. In fact, not only is this a safety concern, but irregular water temperature and excessive hot water have been associated with skin problems too.

Mixermate ensures that your showers or taps never sprays scalding hot water unexpectedly, with thermostat features. And, they are easy to use, no more fumbling with two facet knobs trying to turn them on to control water temperature. With Mixermate’s thermostatic showers and sink taps, you only need to use a finger to turn them on an off, which helps keep you and your family safe.

Ease of Installation

Why would you want to change taps and showers when not renovating? Does it not involve a lot of digging and plumbing? In fact, that is a general notion about changing anything at all in bathrooms and kitchens. However, Mixermate gives you the advantage of installation without the need for plumbing or construction work, it’s true.

There is no tile or wall breaking process involved because you only need to fit them onto existing plumbing. Thermostatic mixers are ideal for homes, hospitals, retirement homes, and nursing homes, it is a one-of-a-kind mixer tap.

Other Benefits of Mixermate Sink Taps

Apart from being the safety solution for water regulation, Mixermate is also well-known for its quality, durability, versatility, and extreme ease of use. In fact, temperature regulated showers and sink taps also save water, and with a temperature preset function you don’t have to ‘wait’ for the water to be at comfortable temperature to take a shower.

Looking to get rid of your unpredictable hot and cold water mechanism? You can, now, with Mixermate shower and sink taps. Easily control your taps and showers with just a single lever, without even having to drill into any walls or the need for changing anything in your bathroom or kitchen.

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