The Disadvantages of Not Having Thermostatic Showers

19 August 2016

There are benefits to owning a thermostatic shower, but are these really worth spending money on, and does your family really need one in the bathroom? Questions like these are common when talking about bathroom comforts. In fact, over the last few years, temperature regulating shower mechanisms have become a basic necessity in urban areas.

So, when you are pondering upon the benefits that a thermostatic shower will bring you and your family, then you have to consider the disadvantages of not having one as well, here are just a few.

Risk of Scalding

Why do you need automatic water temperature controls, when it can be set manually? For most adults, manually turning two separate faucet knobs, to balance water temperature, manually, isn’t difficult. However, for small children and elderly folks, it may be a challenge. The risk of piping hot water on the head, spewed out unexpectedly from a shower head, is dangerous, not just for children and elderly, for anyone.

Thermostatic showers eliminate that ‘real’ risk – unable to turn off scalding hot water by turning a faucet knob as quickly as possible. A thermostatic shower tap controls not only the temperature that comes out, but it can shut down water flow instantly when needed, with just the use of a finger. It’s that easy, with a one lever control, and not two separate faucet knobs that operate hot and cold water temperature separately.

Uncomfortable Showers and Baths

Think of all the times when you had to quickly and unexpectedly step back, away from the hot water rushing out of the shower head, and then reach though that hot water to turn the hot water knob off. It’s safe to say that most people have experienced this situation before. However, the hot water may not be a problem, but finding the right amount of hot water is tricky when having to adjust two separate knobs.

Often, the water temperature is never ‘just’ the way you want it, every time. But, with thermostatic showers, you can expect, and receive, the perfect water temperature every time you take a shower or bath. These are some of the disadvantages of not having a thermostatic shower, however, one convenient advantage is that these are easy to install. No drilling in walls or tiles in the bathroom, or altering plumbing because these fit right over existing plumbing, and can be installed in about an hour.

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