The Consequences of Not Having Thermostat Shower Mixers and Taps

29 April 2016

Everyone has some type of relaxing activity they enjoy, but for most, it is a nice shower with the water set at just the right temperature. Whether it’s during the summer or winter, nothing beats water relaxation therapy in the comforts of your own bathroom, and thermostat shower mixers and taps makes it better.

However, does thermostat shower mixers and taps really do something different, and do you urgently need to install them? Or, is it something your family can do without? Here are some of the consequences of not having them in your home.

  1. In homes with children and elderly, safety is paramount. That is why you cannot take enough precautions, and not having a thermostat tap in the bathroom can be dangerous. Why? Because, there is always the risk of sudden changes in water temperature that can result in scalding. It happens, sometimes when turning on the hot water knob in the shower, extremely hot water spews out and often results in burns. It should be an unacceptable consequence, especially in homes with children and elderly folks.
  2. The home energy bill is also something to consider because without proper conservation of hot water bills can get out of control. With mixer thermostat taps you are able to control the exact amount of hot water that comes out of your faucets and shower heads.
  3. Imagine it is extremely cold outside, and you walk inside the house completely tired to the water in your heater is warm, not hot. You feel like taking a shower, but it would take too long for the water to heat up, so you decide to go straight to bed instead of taking a shower. With a Mixermate thermostat shower tap you can avoid this because water is heated as you need it, which means no waiting.

Now, thermostat shower mixers and taps are a part of many modern-day homes. They do not just add convenience or reduce energy bills by reducing wasteful use of hot water, but they also ensure that your family stays safe by eliminating the possibility of scalding.

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