Tapware Solutions for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

11 February 2016

Specialised tapware solutions for hospitals and nursing homes is an important ingredient in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for everyone. Whether in a hospital setting or inside nursing homes, some people have difficulty bathing by themselves, which is understandable. Injuries such as a broken arms, leg or hand can make even simple chores difficult, such as turning on a faucet.

This is especially true in the case of an aching back and joints from an aging body, elderly folks have a difficult time moving around as muscles and bones become weaker with age, it happens to everyone, that is why tapware solutions for hospitals and nursing homes is very important. That is why Mixermate was developed, to make showering and bathing easier for everyone, especially for those with limited movement in their hands.

The specially designed tapware has a single lever, which is easy to use. It is ideal for anyone suffering from arthritis or any other ailment that limits hand movement, because with just a finger or part of the arm you can easily turn the tap. Not only is it easy to turn the tap on and off, but selecting the right water temperature is also a near effortless motion.

In both hospitals and nursing homes, it is not uncommon to find people with ailments that affect their fine motor skills, and it is extremely frustrating not being able to simply turn the water on and off when needed, or worse, trying to achieve an ideal water temperature by juggling the two hot and cold faucet handles. Traditional faucet handles requires a person to rotate their hands to open the valve that lets water flow, and for many in hospitals and nursing homes that isn’t as easy as it sounds, its much worse; it can be impossible.

Mixermate Tapware Solutions for Hospitals and Nursing Homes is Affordable

Mixermate tapware is unique, because it doesn’t require expensive installation as other tapware. There is no drilling holes in walls, or removing any tiling, because Mixermate will mount over your existing plumbing. Instead of hard-to-use taps that require patients in hospitals and folks in nursing home to twist and turn hot and cold water handles, they can now easily adjust the water any way the wish, with only a finger, it’s that easy.

These new easy to use taps can be installed in as little as an hour, without requiring construction of any kind, and that is very attractive to administrators who are concerned about overhead costs.

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