Take Advantage of the Seamless Installation of Mixermate Products for Your Different Needs

05 August 2019

If you are ready to improve your home and the quality of your life inside of it, you need to turn to our products here at Mixermate. Here at Mixermate, we specialise in providing our customers with a wide range of easy-to-use products that are geared toward improving the quality of your life. From our Mixermate bath mixers to our Mixermate thermostatic valves, we are more than ready to get you the quality comfort and control that you desire over your water usage. What makes our range of products special? That’s a great question, so keep on reading!

Simple Installation of Mixermate Products

Let’s say that you live in a property where your water control is always fluctuating. From bursts of hot or cold water to heightened utility bills, you might be experiencing some serious financial issues. Instead of just living with these problems, you can address them head-on by installing any one of our Mixermate products. From our shower and bath mixers to our kitchen and laundry mixers, you’ll be able to address your water issues without letting them overcome you. Here is what you can expect when you get a Mixermate product!

1) Simple Installation – The majority of our products require little more than tools that you’ll have around your house in order to have them installed. You won’t have to remove tiles or perform a complete renovation in order to install your Mixermate products. For example, our shower installation requires a small level, copper cutters, teflon tape, a spanner, pliers, and a screwdriver. That’s it! In a chunk of your afternoon, you can take control of your water problems.

2) Immediate Benefits – Once your Mixermate product is installed, you’ll enjoy a new level of control over your water usage. Our products help you to control the temperature of your water while improving the efficiency of your water usage. Mixermate product owners can expect to see a reduction in their utility bills and an improvement in the comfort of their water usage.

3) Safety Improvement – Sudden blasts of hot or cold water can be commonplace in older systems. With your Mixermate products installed, you’ll be able to preset the temperature of your shower in order to prevent these temperature spikes. This anti-scalding technology is great for homes with young children elderly inhabitants or individuals with skin sensitivity.

It’s never too late to make improvements to your home. Here at Mixermate Australia, we offer affordable solutions to common water utility issues. Our products are easy to install, affordable to purchase, and great at what they do. Call us today in order to discuss your product needs!

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