Skin Care Advantages of Thermostatic Showers

13 May 2016

A lot has been said recently about the temperature of water in the home and its effects on skin. Several scientific researchers claim that the face is the most prone area of the body to damage when exposed to scalding hot water. Although, hot water does open the pores of skin, scalding hot water is too much and could cause damage. So, having bathroom taps that control water temperature effectively is important.

Skin Care Advantages of Thermostatic Showers

Most folks are aware of the benefits of hot water on the skin, in fact, all parts of the body benefit not just the facial area, from the soothing effects of hot water. So, how do thermostatic showers come into this whole skin care scenario? There are various degrees of hot water, and because everyone has their own temperature preference, precisely controlling the temperature is where thermostatic shower taps come into play.

Extreme Water Temperatures Cause Damage

The people who say that steamy hot water opens skin pores for better cleansing do have scientific backing. On the other hand, it has been proven that excessive temperatures can cause skin tissue damage. While a splash of icy cold or steamy hot water might make us feel good, it strips away natural skin oils, say dermatologists.

Skin Care for Your Complete Body

When most people think of skin care, it usually boils down to just the facial area. But, true skin care uses the right temperature, to prevent damage and to naturally exfoliate the skin of the entire body, and, the best way to treat the skin of the whole body is while showering. That is why thermostatic showers are getting hugely popular because people can apply the same exact water temperature every time they take a shower, without the risk of scalding from unexpected extreme hot temperatures.

Skin care concerns everyone, not just adults, but children too. This is another reason why installing a thermostatic tap in the shower is a good idea because it is an effective way to protect kids from scalding water.

Ease of Installation and Ease of Use

With the help of a plumber, it is easy to install because there is no drilling required and no tiles need removing. Mixermate thermostatic shower taps fit over existing plumbing and can be installed in about an hour, and they allow you to custom set the water temperature to your liking, so that you enjoy the same consistent water temperature every time you shower. And, with one simple lever, there is no wrestling between two facet knobs to adjust water temperature, which is an advantage in anyone’s skin care regime.

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