Single Lever Mixer Taps for the Convenience of Persons with Disability

08 March 2019

When it comes to dealing with a disability, even the smallest tasks can represent a struggle. Simply using the kitchen sink can become problematic when you have to mess with multiple levers in order to get your temperature right. Many people are waking up to the fact that mixer taps are the ideal way to address this problem in their homes. Single lever mixer taps, specifically, offer an array of benefits to every household. Additionally, single lever mixer taps can be the perfect solution for helping you or your disabled loved one with the simple tasks that we’d otherwise take for granted.

Single Lever Mixer Taps for Disabled PersonsĀ 

A mixer tap is a special kind of water tap that blends both hot and cold water. By blending hot and cold water into one single lever, it is infinitely easier for a disabled person to adjust the temperature to that of their liking. They will no longer have to juggle back and forth between two separate taps as they seek out a water temperature that is appropriate and safe for their usage. Single lever mixer taps provide plenty of benefits to households with disabled individuals. Let’s highlight a few of them below.

1) Simple Convenience – The simple things in life should stay, well, simple. A single lever mixer tap allows you or your disabled loved one to seamlessly adjust water temperatures to their own personal comfort. Without having to worry about juggling between temperature taps, washing your hands or doing the dishes becomes easier than ever.

2) Safety Benefits – Due to the fact that you control the temperature with a single lever, it is far easier to prevent potential scalding injuries. When you are using multiple taps in order to set your temperature, it is easier to accidentally make the water far too hot. If you want to prevent potential injuries, a single lever mixer tap can go a long way for you or your disabled loved ones.

3) Modern Aesthetic – This benefit isn’t explicitly tied to benefiting your disabled loved one, but it is a benefit all the same. Single lever mixer taps are the new modern look that every modern household is embracing. If you want to bring your kitchen or bathroom into the current year then this is the way that you can make it happen.

Mixer taps are incredible additions to your home for a variety of different reasons, as we’ve plainly outlined above. Not only do mixer taps benefit your disabled loved ones, but they also improve the quality of your household.

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